Orlondo Steinauer

So again the TiCats defense is killing the Eskimos. They get so many turnovers its almost scary. Up to this game 40% of their points come from the defense. That is just sick. They are aggressive to the max and yet don't take a lot of penalties but man they sure know how to break on the ball and get those key picks.

Edmonton on their first drive looked impressive until oops more pressure and the ball is going the other way. One play and Hamilton are up 7 before you can blink.

So here is the question is this someone we should be having a chat with in the off season and seeing if he would be HC material? The man sure knows his defense with out question but does that translate into being a HC?

I mean Cory was suppose to have an aggressive defense this year and so far that hasn't panned out. Yes they have looked better in the last game but Hamilton better? Not even close.

So again is he even a possible consideration to make a move?

a good coordinator does not automatically mace a good head coach, but no doubt he should be on the list of people to interview if they do indeed make a move.

I'd certainly interview him.

I always dug him as a player and his secondary is punching way above their weight this season.

Dear Lord no. The last thing we need is another D oriented HC. We just need a good defensive co-ordinator and a HC that doesn't think he is still an defensive co-ordinator.

Defense does win championships or so I have been told. Nothing wrong with a DC being a HC as long as they know that they are the HC. The difference between Steinauer and Chamblin is Steinauer knows how to run a defense and Chamblin just thinks he does. Chamblin was not a great DC in Hamilton either and I wouldn't have been shocked if he would have got the boot if he stayed on in that position. Like I said Steinauer actually does know how to run a defense especially in the new CFL rules. They are relentless with the pressure and are like glue to the receivers, they also read qb's extremely well and get great breaks on the ball. You can't ' argue they have the best defense in the league period. There is a reason for that and yes they have very solid players in key positions but Steiauer has them molded into a lean mean wrecking machine. Something this defense can not seem to get to. Sure we have injuries that certainly have not helped but still there is something missing from the defense that they had the last two seasons. Oh right they actually could stop the run most of the time even without a good MLB.

All any of that means is that he is good DC.

As far as the "Defence wins championships" goes that's just a poor cliché. They also say that "the best defence is a good offence".

Take a look at the winning coaches over the last couple of decades, there is a trend with the overwhelming majority having a HC that had an offensive coaching career. Chamblin in 2013 was the exception to that rule and the largest reason for that was Cortez still had a lot of leeway in calling that offence.

I agree and that is why I asked would he make a good HC? Realistically I would love to be able to get him as a DC but I can't see that happening as it is a lateral move for him at best. Oh sure if he was successful here as a DC then he has those bragging rights but realistically I can't see him taking the position. I'm sure he has aspirations of being a HC and that is his next move.

So do we take a chance that he could be a good HC with the knowledge on how to build a solid defense or does someone else offer him the HC role and were possibly looking for a new DC and HC at the the end of the season?

I like Cory and if he would have stuck to being just the HC with both a good OC and DC beside him then things probably would have went a whole lot better this year. That is water under the bridge now so the question is do we give Cory a shot at next season perhaps with the stipulation there must be a separate DC and OC and heck lets add a qb coach to the mix or do we start completely fresh with a new HC and DC?

Definitely this, and that DC should not be one in title alone. If an experienced CFL OC is not available I wouldn't be opposed to offering the shot at someone like Eddie Davis. Anything would be better than what we have now.

Eddie is someone I thought of...but he is not interested. And I assume you meant DC, not OC