Orlondo Steinauer

Steinauer deserves a lot of credit for this team's success.

Our defense was terrible last year and bad the first five games or so this year. But Orlondo turned it around this season and crucially in the second half of east final.

Congrats Orlondo!

Orlando Steinauer took this group of great althletes and built a mighty Hamilton defense. His half time adjustments have been very effective (evidence: the last two playoff games).

Further evidence: WE ARE GOING TO THE GREY CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't agree more.

Brady and Ray had their way with the Cats' defence in the first half. .. but Orlando made adjustments to his schemes, and lo and behold the blue team was totally shut out in the second half.

Great job, no question about it.

Linebacker Jamall Johnson said defensive co-ordinator Orlondo Steinauer didn't make many halftime adjustments.

"Coach didn't call any magical plays or didn't do anything different," Johnson said.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/4222175-cfl-ticats-heading-to-grey-cup-after-downing-argos-36-24/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/422 ... gos-36-24/[/url]

Madjack, I was one of those who was not sold on Orlando's hire this past spring. I am overjoyed to say, I WAS WRONG!!!!

My fear now is that we may lose him in the next couple of years to a head coaching job.

In my humble opinion, Orlando Steinauer is THE BEST Defensive Co-ordinator this team has seen since Sudsy.

I find that really really hard to believe. . . maybe JJ is just blowing smoke to confuse the Riders. . .

Apparently Toronto had the ball for 6 minutes of the 2nd half Hamilton 24. That is simply incredible!

How many plays did they get a chance to run?

Perhaps this is more Burris, and the O's ball control than it is defensive adjustment.

How nice is it,that we have a direct connection to our last Grey Cup team of "99" with not only Steinhauer but also Corey Grant,Paul Osbaldiston as coaches as well as Danny Mac as our head of scouting. Four players that were integral parts of our last championship now all part of this organization!!!! :thup: :thup:

Well Cap'n that is certainly part of the equation.

But the other part is that Toronto was 2 and out for most all of the second half. That's on the Cats' D. Steinauer may not have called any "magical" plays, but given how Brady and Ray seemed to know all first half precisely what the defensive coverages were in place for most all of the first half, it's pretty clear to me that Steinauer, while he may not have actually changed any coverages, did a much better job of concealing them pre-snap in the second half.

Here's hoping he confuses Cortez just as much next Sunday !!

There,s a good chance we may lose coach Steinauer soon along with some of our players so enjoy this team while their here.

. . . and further:

Ricky Ray doesn't agree with Johnson.

“They (the Ticats) made good adjustments,? Ray said after the game.

From http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/201 ... final.html

2nd half adjustments were key,,,steinhauer defence bought in by 4-5 rookie starters is impressive.

The players don't ever reveal any strategic moves and downplay all those aspects of the game. They just say the usual stuff, "We need to play harder, make some plays and execute".

Losing some of the players through free agency, attrition and this year the expansion draft (max of 3) is inevitable. A year ago we would not have thought that players like Knowlton, Rey Williams and Chris Williams would be anywhere but with the team. As long as we keep a good core group of this years players, the team will be fine.

However this is Steinhauer's first FULL season as a DC so I think he is likely to be around for a little while or at least as long as Austin. Some co-ordinators seem to stay in one place for a while before moving on - usually to a better position (like HC)!

Credit where credit is due.
The offense on this team was already in place from last season,
The Defense was a train wreck!
It was Steinauer that turned this defense around and deserves the credit for it!

Steinauer made adjustments in the 2nd half (disguised blitz's,clogging passing lanes) and it got us a lot of 2 and outs...No question...

But,the Offence made a few adjustments,as well...Spread the ball out,Burris calmed down,got a semblance of of a running game going...That chewed the clock up and had a big (if not bigger) hand in disrupting the Argo Offence...