Orlondo Steinauer - on why he's leaving the CFL

Good article by Drew Edwards on why Steinauer is leaving the Ti-Cats and heading to work for Jeff Tedford at Fresno State.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/12/15/orlondo-steinauer-leaving-hamilton-tiger-cats/]http://3downnation.com/2016/12/15/orlon ... iger-cats/[/url]

One excerpt..

A changing-of-the-guard among CFL head coaches also left Steinauer in something of a quandary. Between his 13-year playing career and time in the coaching ranks, Steinauer has personal a relationship with a number of his contemporaries, making his status as a head coach-in-waiting somewhat awkward.

“I consider Dave Dickenson a good friend. Same with Scott Milanovich and Jason Maas. Wally Buono has been a great mentor to me,? Steinauer said. “In order for me to get an opportunity, they have to fail and that’s kind of a weird feeling for me personally.?

Instead, he’ll join the ranks of the colossus known as American college football with 128 teams in the FBS tier alone. Fresno State isn’t quite in the same class as monster programs like Alabama, Ohio State and Michigan – the Crimson Tide’s Nick Saban makes $7 million a year – but it’s certainly a well-known, well-respected program.

In addition to virtually infinite college and pro coaching possibilities, Steinauer will make more money than he did in Hamilton, get paid in American dollars and enjoy the security of a pension – something CFL coaches aren’t afforded.

That and the fact that if it doesn't work out down south, he will be welcomed back to the CFL with open arms and that is part of the problem with consistency in this league.

Maybe it's just me or an omission on Steinauer's part but I couldn't help but notice that when he was talking about HC's who he considered as good friends that he never mentioned Mike O'Shea's name in the mix. They were team mates in their playing days both in Hamilton and in Toronto as well as both being on the same coaching staff for 4 seasons with the Argos. I can understand him perhaps not mentioning the likes of a Chris Jones , Jacques Chapdelaine or Rick Campbell but I'm kinda surprised that he wouldn't mention O'Shea as someone who he considered to be a good friend. :slight_smile: I'm guessing that there is probably no animosity between them and it was most likely just an oversight on Steinhauer's part.

Anyways , good luck to him in Fresno and although all of us in Hamilton knew this day was coming eventually , I'm happy for him and his family that he got this opportunity and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see him reemerge down the road one day back in the CFL as somebodies HC. :rockin:

Wow ! That was incredibly well crafted by Orlondo :thup: And really glad he's getting this special opportunity, the loyalty he showed to Hamilton I'm sure was a big part of Tedford selecting him.

But the cold hard truth is the Benjamin$ Moving to the US at the sunrise of a huge economic renaissance is irresistible. I suspect he's the first of many. No surprise Milanovich is hoping to be fired (reported). With a Trudollar worth about 65 cents and heading south to probably 50 cents by the end of next year, the CFL is about to enter a very difficult era IMO.

Is this because America will soon be Great Again?

Disagree. Now is not a great time to move south. Yes, in the short term the dollar is better, but come January no one is exactly sure what the impact will be on the US economy and their dollar. Trump is as likely to stay the economic course as he is to drive it into the ground.

America will be great again. The American dollar will be replaced by the Russian Ruble

[i]Trump is playing a game of chicken with China (the Taiwan incident...). This is the game of chicken:



Trump thinks he has big balls. China is the USA's biggest creditor. They have bought so much USA treasury bills, they basically own a large portion of the USA. Trump thinks he can threaten to default on those payments. If he does that, or actually defaults on the payments, the USA's credit rating goes down in the toilet. The US is focked if that happens.

Advantage China.

Listening to US business they know without cheap labour they cannot sell you or the American that cheap shoe or shirt . Maybe we need to pay properly for a shirt or underwear .

Maybe we need less stores and shopping malls and more plants . That is the issue global corporations or
defined borders . I would rather pay more for a shirt and see higher paid full time employment in Canada .

The US is doing us a favor if they actually tariff the crap out of Asia and any other cheap labor pool .

Back to the topic of Orlondo he did a solid move by establishing himself in the US college ranks . Lots of future prospects down south don't blame him at all .

He never mentioned Kent Austin either.................. :oops: :oops:

The Spec article also stated that not only was he going to get more money and in $US but also a pension. Coaches do not get a pension in the CFL