Orlondo Steinauer new head coach at USD

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presser tomorrow morning.

wow this is bad for hamilton. didn't get the saskatchewan job which must mean Jones is going to Saskatchewan and Edmonton is hiring within or has agreed with someone like LaPolice.

there's nothing on that message board that confirms USD signed Steinhauer.

Do you have an official link to anything at all?

Edwards is reporting on TSN that he is mulling offers. Expects to either stay in Hamilton or bolt.

He believes Edmonton was interested but they have there guy if Jones leaves to Saskatchewan.

Or that Jones isn't leaving. I really can't see Jones leaving anyways . He's built a championship team, why would he just dump it now.

He's not reporting that. No one is reporting that.

This guy is a troll, go away man

Gotta admit, this prediction is most likely an accurate one.

If Drew were reporting this, he would have tweeted it. Nothing there about it.

Next time you “quote” a source, you might want to research the source first to discover his or her style.

Mattsdad aka Whalerdad....Well at least that's what my sources are telling me.....press conference to follow later today,stay tuned for further developments on this ground breaking non-story. :roll: In other news it's been reported that a huge TROLL like looking creature was spotted on the out skirts of town. Police and RCMP news conference and official press release some time later today. :stuck_out_tongue: once again Stay Tuned :roll:

I feel that you're either totally right, or completely wrong.

USD announced yesterday that they have hired a consultant to help them find a new Head Coach. They have several names but will not say who they are. They expect to make an announcement in the next few weeks. Article published in the Press & Dakotan.


what time is the presser this morning Whaler? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
we sure wouldn't want to miss it. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Double the $.

Anyone catch the presser this morning? Is he really going to USD?

And it looks like Drew's Twitter account, as well as Duane Ford's (another source mentioned by Whaler/tigercat on the USD forum) has been hacked, as all references to this announcement have been mysteriously removed.


Looks like this "whale" of a story was nothing more than misguided blubber.

I realize Weasel Steinauer is desperately trying to claw his way up the ladder to a HC job, but if you take a minute and think this one through logically you can quickly see that it makes ZERO sense.

Why would he move to some village in the middle of nowhere to take over a dinkified little 1-AA program? Talk about going backwards with his coaching career - - might as well just take a job in the CIS.

Darn it all, I missed the presser yesterday morning.