Orlondo Steinauer needs to step in as coach

June Jones system is not working on offence and we need Orlondo Steinauer to rejuvenate this offence. He is the assistant head coach. Lets bring in the young guy who brings creative ideas to a team and he needs to give June Jones system a makeover.

We also need to look at a Offensive tackle...even bring back Xavier Fulton who probably can play better then Avery Jordan.


Steinauer has only ever cut his chops as a defensive coach hasn’t he?

Yes. A major point of bringing Steinauer in now as “assistant head coach” is so he can learn Jones’ take on offence in order to be more well-rounded when he takes the reigns as head coach a few years down the road.

I hope Steinauer watches game footage of Jay Maas or Wally Buono rather then watch JJ. Then he’d learn something and become HC ready.

I certainly hope he doesn’t watch Saskatchewan’s Jones in action. There’s a guy who runs around like a mad dog, frothing at the mouth on seemingly EVERY play—regardless of which unit is on the field. He wants his finger in ALL the pies. Me? I prefer Wally Buono’s approach. Stand back an let your Co-ordinators do their jobs. If you hired the right guys, they’ll pass on your philosophies to the players.

In the mean time maybe help with the O-line and special teams…offensive play calling are improving.

Good points…SSK Jones is really funny to watch…when the plays are boring he can entertain us!

For sure.