Orlondo Steinauer is no longer HC of the Hamilton Tiger Cats


Looks like Steiny is taking a step back after another brutal season. He will focus on the President of Football Operations role.

Ed Hervey has been named the team’s General Manager

The club’s next Head Coach will be announced later this week.


Probably due for a change there…


Milanovich will be named HC.


HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Wednesday that Scott Milanovich has been named the 27th head coach in team history.

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Beam me up Scotty!!!

Alberta Ticat Nation would like to congratulate Grey Cup Champion Coach Scott Milanovich on his new appointment as HEAD COACH! Looking forward to giving you a warm welcome when the Ticats come west in 2024 (Don’t know when that will be because the CFL Head Office hasn’t got its act together and announced the the 2024 CFL Schedule yet). Scott best wishes, good luck, Merry Christmas and Oskee Wee Wee!

The thousands of Ticat fans in Alberta!!!


Boy, must be nice to get soft-fired like that. Continue to collect a generous paycheque for one more year for doing … what, exactly? Then ride off into the sunset in 2025. :rofl:

Of all the current head coaches, Steinauer had the worst sideline demeanour to me. No emotion, no passion, no investment in the game in progress. I’m not saying you have to throw headsets or scream after every call, but some emotion would be nice. He’s definitely not a boss who would inspire players to put in extra work.


O never gave a shit.


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Felt like he lost the fire after the 21 GC to me.


He wasn’t like that when he was our DC during the Austin era.

To me it seemed like he let his co-ordinators do all their work and Steinauer was just there to throw a challenge flag if needed or high-five the players for making a good play.


Great Scott Ti Cat fans are everywhere

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Orlondo Steinauer was well known as a long-leash coach. He knew he had a loyal owner in Caretaker Bob, a man who for all his millions in wealth reaches bare poverty in understanding 3-Down football. Milanovich took the job because he knows the chances of getting fired outright are extrmely low, and if he is excused Caretaker Bob will have him kicked upstairs into the executive suite.

Chris Jones has a loyalty leash, too and he plays it to the hilt. Jones knows the Elks have no cap room to send him packing. Different type of loyalty than the one in Hamilton. The Edmonton board knows a bit about football - Bob Young doesn’t know the difference between a yard marker and a pom-pom.


Actually one of the only times I can remember ever seeing some fire and passion out of him was in a game that we eventually lost in Saskatchewan back in the 2019 season . I remember him vividly running down the sideline trying to get the refs attention because he was desperately trying to call a timeout that the ref didn’t see him attempting .

That was only 7 games into his initial season as our HC , honestly I can’t recall ever seeing much of any emotion or very little of it from him since then .

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“You know I feel again now like challenging a call. Because I can you know. Yeah.”

See also Craig Dickenson.

When healthy, Mitchell completed 58.5 percent of his passes for 1,031 yards with six touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

“I think the most important thing is that it’s a guy you can trust with the ball in his hands. You just can’t turn it over consistently,” Milanovich said.

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Well, is there any gas left in that tank for Mitchell?

Now for sake of those numbers, they resemble those of short-lived NFL and CFL quarterback Ron Burgundy, except that he had about 63% completion percentage and almost all his interceptions ended up for six points the other way.

Unlike Burgundy in his day, I guess with his experience you can trust Mitchell, but those numbers there are not going to generate many wins.

What to do at quarterback, Hamilton?

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I think that question might have been answered already - twice. Steinhauer gave Mitchell a sorta vote of confidence after the season using almost the exact same words he used with Dane Evans. :smiley:Secondly, Milanovich was the OC who sat a healthy Mitchell on the bench until the last few minutes of the semi-final.

The noise out of Regina was that Mace was the best choice but you have to wonder. Before it was officially announced, the Milanovich move to HC was probably well in the works. It may have been speeded up a bit with the Rider interest but I don’t think there was any real serious interest in him going to Regina nor of the TiCats keeping him in Hamilton. That’s not to say the Mace hiring isn’t a good one. Only time will tell there.


It is good to see the Cats making early moves to get ready for the 2024 season. Steinhauer is a good football person and he knew he had to get away from coaching - Milanovich is a good move too. When you follow the timing of it all, I believe that this arrangement was in the works for a long time. Hopefully it will help players get excited for next year and also be a chance for Mitchell to prove himself - who knows?


Some thoughts:

  1. Milanovitch is a better football coach than Orlondo
  2. Orlondo knew his time was up, he initiated the changes so long as he had a hi-paid executive suite at the table
  3. Hamilton is better for it.
  4. Bo-Levis is done! Exciting future as a commentator though!

PS. Milanovich is a far more committed/enthused coach than Orlondo. On a scale of 1 to 10, Orlondo’s enthusiasm rated no higher than 3. Milanovich is at least a 5, maybe as high as 6.


I wonder what happened to him in the past two years.

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I think he’s too much of a nice guy and was working with “buddies” as his co-ordinators. He either trusted them to a fault or didn’t want to impose his will if things weren’t working out.

Some people just don’t have the personality to be in positions of authority where tough decisions need to be made and feelings will be hurt.

Orlondo is a great guy. I hope he stays with the Cats in a capacity that he can excel at or is best suited to do.