Orlondo Steinauer & Hamilton Defence Exposed Badly

It's easy to look like a brilliant coach when you're running a defence that's filled with veterans who've been together for a few years. That's what had everyone convinced that Steinauer was a star in the making.

Now that he doesn't have all the veterans to rely on, Steinauer and the Hamilton defence are being badly exposed. How is it possible to let a mediocre team like Winnipeg with an incompetent scrub QB hang 37pts on you? Can't wait to see how Steinauer spins this to try and weasel his way up the ladder.


Nichols isn't a scrub. Steinauer isn't a terrible coordinator. And Winnipeg just went out and won a football game, like every team tries to.

Winnipeg has the Cats number this year. It happens. We'll see how your argos do come September.

.....We got off to a rough start but I assure you this team is not mediocre...BUT keep thinking that way because we'll be kicking a few more arses before this season is over... :lol: :lol:

I watched almost the entire game up until the last interception in the fourth. The first half the defence didn't play great, but they also only allowed 3 points in the second half and 7 of those 37 points came off a pick 6. It is easy to pick on the defence but the offence and punt team didn't hold up their end of the bargain leaving the defence in awful field position all night. The two things that were noticeably absence on defence was a consistent pass rush, Nichols had all day to throw and then also missed tackles galore on D and ST, which is not Steinauers fault these guys are pro football players they should know how to tackle by now, OS schemes are putting them in position but they need to make the play.

Truly the defence is the least of the worries on this team right now, if they could have protected the ball it is a totally different game.

Masoli buried the team in the first half again with awful ball protection and despite a better second half 34 points is just a dumb amount of points to try and come back from.

This is Tiger-Cats football though, everyone knows the Cats generally wait until Labour Day to start taking the season seriously, doesn't make it any less frustrating. Last year was the one year they started off hot and we know how that ended.

the Winnipeg Blue Bombers scored 23 points off five Hamilton turnovers
Gee, can't imagine the five turnovers had anything to do with it. :roll:

If your O'Shea your in a real pickle today...

The difference with the Bombers last night was their receivers. They made contested catches, they we're more athletic and physical. A lot of balls thrown by Nichols were to a spot and his receivers went out and made plays. That in turn created space for Harris to run the ball outside.

First time in more than two years that Winnipeg has managed to win back to back games and Bomber Fan immediately starts pumping the tires.

They’ll come crashing back to reality next week against Toronto, but at least Bomber Fan has NINE (9) days to enjoy this high.

Compared to the high from sniffing gasoline, that’s gotta seem like an eternity.

The delay ended up being much more favourable for Winnipeg than Hamilton seeing as the Ticats essentially played a game at 10pm for them. I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from this game.

Of course that's exactly what you do from everything though A-51. Jump to conclusions.

Does it make a difference if most of those veterans joined the team as unknowns and Steinauer coached them into effective starters? That would describe most of the defence the past few years. (Exceptions being Laurent, Butler, Hickman, and Brandon Stewart, who wasn’t always a starter.)

Best to ignore him ExPat, it's impossible to have a debate with someone who doesn't listen to reason.

Lol Area-51.

Bombers are going to do a number on the Argos. This game won't even be close.

[i]Johnny agrees with Area-69 on this one!

Steinauer has been exposed. He should be fired immediately and free to seek employment with another team.

The Ticats could then promote Reinebold to defensive coordinator. Oh yeah, Reinebold will do wonders as Hamilton defensive coordinator! :smiley: [/i]

You are a touch mistaken. It's the Argos that have 1 fan . Therefor Argo fan while the Bomber fans number around 24000.On a serious note why the hell wouldn't we pump there tires?We are Bombers fans.Just like any fan does when their team has a decisive win although most do it with a touch less in your face style than some who post here.

You were saying? What did I tell you the Bombers were going to destroy your Argonauts. Now go back to your room you have been exposed.

Incredible that any defence could be so terrible to allow a guy like Jennings hang 32 points on them by halftime.

You are so wrong about Jennings. He's been great.

Did you watch the 2ndH last night? Jennings had no clue how to handle pressure.

If not for Emmanuel Davis falling over his own feet, Jennings would have thrown the same number of TDs to Hamilton in the 2ndH as he did to his own team.

And that late TD to Arceneaux was a joke. A dinkified little dump pass and then FIVE (5) feeble TiCat defenders wave at him as he runs past them to the endzone.

As always, I stand by my assessments - - Jennings isn't much of a QB.

Watch the games, my friend. You need to watch the games.

Well, obviously I didn't see the same game that you did. In the one I watched Jennings threw for over 300 yards and 3 TD passes, the last one, a beautiful little dump pass to Arceneaux, who then stormed past 5
Ti-Cat defenders to gain a thrilling last minute victory.