Orlondo Steinauer 2023, and beyond

Google Leo Cahill and “ground can not cause a fumble”

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The Argo bounce as a negative (was previously applied as positive) essentially ended in 1983.


But bounced back again in 86

Yes. But the image of the Argos as perennially cursed losers was permanently broken.

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison said he received racist messages following the team’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football.

Mattison shared two screenshots of messages via Instagram on Friday, saying that he received more than 60 “disgustingly disrespectful messages.” Both screenshots contained racial slurs and told Mattison to take his own life.

“Y’all can come at me all you want about fantasy and ‘you suck’ blah blah blah,” Mattison wrote on Instagram. “I really could care less. But this sh*t is unacceptable. … Really reflect on WTF you say and how it could affect someone. Under the helmet, I am a human… a father… a son. This is sick.”

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This is a very interesting post Pat about this fella named Mattison but what exactly does it have to do with Steinauer ?


Coach Steinauer , Milanovich , Washington , Reinbold, and Gibson had a great game plan and execution . Well done :heartbeat:


And we WON!


And it looked to me that Washington didn’t go into his prevent-a-win defence in Q4.


The Pittsburgh Steelers played at Home on Monday Night Football (last night). The reason that I choose to bring this up in the context of Orlondo Steinauer, pertains to the fact that the Steelers’ offence was so ineffective in last night’s game (with the exception of 3 or 4 big plays - certainly no more than 5) that the Home crowd in Pittsburgh was booing their own offence on several occasions, and towards the end of the game, (mind you) with the Steelers leading the game 26 - 22 , they had a chance to run out the clock with a single first down, and when the Steelers’ O failed to do so, the dissatisfied (& passionate) crowd started chanting “FIRE CANADA” !!! The chanting could be heard on the broadcast. For those who are not aware, Matt Canada is the Steelers’ OC.

So why am I bringing this up?? I can assure you that it has nothing to do with the passion of the fanbase, although I can never understand why some fans at THF start heading for the exits at the most dramatic times, even with 5 minutes left on the game clock & the outcome of the game very much in doubt (like the last game). Perhaps their bladders cannot take the pressure?!?
This is not about that.

But rather this . . . I want to highlight how HC Mike Tomlin addressed this situation in his home stadium, versus the silence from Coach O when faced with a similar situation earlier this year (and even last year) with his OC (Tommy Condell). During today’s Press Conference, 12 hours after the game, Tomlin was asked if he heard the chants. He acknowledged that he did hear the chants last night (several players claimed that they did not) & he responded as follows:

  • “I appreciate their passion. I share their passion, we all do.”
  • “I love our fans, they inspire us, they challenge us . . . we don’t run from challenges, we run to challenges.”
  • “This is a Sports entertainment business. It is our job to win, and thus entertain (our fans). So we don’t begrudge them for that. We want them to be fat & sassy & spoiled. It is our job.”

But then when he was asked if he shared the concerns of the Steelers’ fanbase, he responded as follows:

  • " I don’t share their concern because of my perspective. I’m a part of the process. When you’re part of the process, it’s less troublesome to you."
  • He concluded by reiterating that they are working hard to fix the problems, but the fans should not expect “knee-jerk” reactions.

Not sure what the passionate Tiger-Cat fans on this Forum think, but I love every aspect of this response. However, I think that a Coach has to be very self-assured to respond in this manner . . . the kind of self assurance that comes from 17 consecutive seasons without ever registering a losing (ie. sub- .500) season.
What does you think??


Couldn’t agree more. This is what is so frustrating about Steins diplomacy.



NFL coaches kicking off press conferences with injury run down top to bottom. Guys getting announced as out for the season etc. It’s not hard.


Last I looked Steinauer fired Condell
Probably the day he signed Milanovich


It was mutual.


“I’m not gonna comment on that stuff”

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Is that what he said?
you put it in “Italics”

I just want to mention that I used Tomlin’s Press Conference performance because the situations are somewhat similar, and because I thought it was funny that the crowd was chanting “FIRE CANADA” (I don’t think that would ever happen at THF) & finally because of the stark contrast in how the situation was handled.

However, I think that it is only fair to Coach O to point out that although this is how Coach Tomlin deals with such situations, there are at least a dozen coaches like Bill Belichick (and, I should point out, his mentor Bill Parcells) who just barely tolerated the media in those Press Conferences & basically responded with as little insight as possible.
BTW Kent Austin was also closer to the Parcells end of the spectrum than the Tomlin end.
Coach Jones on the other hand, was a complete pussy cat with the media . . . they loved him.

Just sayin’ . . .

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Those aren’t italics

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Senior moment
I mean’t Quotations

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