Orlondo Steinauer 2023, and beyond

Cant say he runs a tight ship because he doesnt.
Cant say hes a players coach that is rewarded with smart, disciplined play.
So what is he ?
Its a chance for Stein defenders, supporters, non haters or anti-anti Stein fans, however you want to categorize yourself, to make the case that Stein is a good coach and how its constructive for the team to retain as HC .
It’s a good faith exercise, genuinely interested in honest responses. Yes, I have a bias , do not believe him to be a good coach. However this isnt an invitation to an argument unless something is factually untrue.

Is he a good coach ? Make the case.

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Well. . . seems to me you are what your record says you are.


1st thing I can think of is there are 13 coaches on this team.There are to many cooks at the grill! 8 is enough. And who’s responsible? I think it points at HC O S.


I think our record the past several seasons is your answer. :beers:


For the record, his is 33-23 regular season, 3-1 in playoff games and 0-2 in Grey Cups.

agreed. just like when the ticats squeaked by the als into the playoffs half a decade or more ago, both with 7-11 records. you are what you have become.

Wish I could. But after giving him the benefit of the doubt for the last two seasons with this year’s performance there is no positive case to be made for him.

Seems to be the feeling from most of the fans I know that gave him the benefit of the doubt. Most people I talk to (even the ones that defended him) think it’s time to move on.


I concur; I believe that there will be a general consensus that it is time to move on.

I’m not as anti O as most are right now. There are things that I love about him. As much as fans want more openness, I admire his consistency with the media, he gives us virtually nothing. More than that, I love that despite the struggles of the last two years the locker room has stayed together and has never quit. That 5-1 stretch to end last season was out of the blue at a point in time where many locker rooms would have crumbled. I also love that quality free agents seem to choose Hamilton more than ever before.

The thing I absolutely hate about O right now is his willingness to stick with Condell and Washington. I believe that if he’d pull the plug on these two we could see a very sudden resurgence because there is a ton of proven talent on this team and I don’t believe it’s an over the hill gang.

A much smaller concern for me is some of the bad clock management and other in game decisions he makes. I don’t like these but I’d accept them given the things I do love about his leadership, and with an expectation that he will mature over time. It’s frustrating but I could ride with it if it was his big issue.

If I were the almighty decision maker in Ticat land, I’d sit O down and say you fire Condell and Washington or I’m canning you, Condell and Washington and I’d hope he chose door number one.

For the balance of 2023 I’d ask O to run the D and Milanovich to run the O and then I’d re-evaluate at the end of the season.


This is a pretty good considered response.

I kind of like your suggestion. Keeps SOME continuity, and a potential HC replacement gets some experience with the team.

Unfortunately, I feel that the team has to completely cut ties with him, and probably the three-headed GM monsters. If “I” made the big decisions, I would try to interview both Danny Mac and Jim Barker for the GM position, and let the new GM hire the HC and the rest of the staff.

Or even better - Barker as President of Football Ops and Danny as GM.


The locker room has never quit???

Not sure what team you’re watching…

I’d be all in on Barker for sure, success seems to follow him. I’m not as certain about Danny Mac as GM. I’m not saying I’m opposed, but I’m more reserved. He’s proven to be a great scout, but I think being a GM is different. He may be awesome at it, but Barker would definitely be my first choice.

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I think injuries and terrible playing calling account for most of what we’re seeing. I supported my comment with reference to the 5-1 finish last year when most teams would have mailed it in.

Just my two cents…


Oddly enough, that was after we got O-line reinforcement.

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Other teams have injuries & overcome them. Look at Ottawa last week. That whole team rallied around a rookie QB & beat one of the league’s top teams. Now contrast that with the ridiculous display we saw last night.

I’ll agree that defensive play calling may be an issue, but the root of our problems on offence is the O line & their schemes.

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The guy is absolutely clueless and the worst coach i have ever seen and i have been watching football for 60 years. Until this guy is fired the Cats will win nothing.

This from Wikipedia.

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Let’s not forget that 15 of those 31 wins came in season 1 . Since that mirage like first season he has only won 18 out of the last 38 games he has coached in just under two and half seasons . So basically 15-3 in his first season and 18-20 since .


I like to look at his record since having total control of the team. Speaks volumes to his about his management vs coaching skills