Orlondo and staff not so good

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By the way , Orlondo did not tell Tm White to take a knee giving up a single point. He told Tim to decide what he should do . I think the ball could have went over Tim's head or Tim could have bobbled it and then taking a knee might have made sense instead of maybe asking Masoli to start from maybe the 5 yard line against the wind. Taking the knee puts the ball on the 35 and puts us 3 points down.

I think Orlondo had zero confidence in our kicker especially against the wind so I think Orlondo was going to plan to play for the touchdown and play 3 down football gambling on 3rd which they did once in the drive. In the case where the ticats are playing for the TD it doesn't matter if they are down 2 or 3 a td wins the game for them. One question is whether Tim White and his world class speed running straight could have made it beyond the 25 yard line with the wpg tacklers being so far behing th elong kicked ball . if it was me , i would have told Tim White to only take a knee if he feels he cant get out of the end zone or beyond the 5 or 10 yard line .

Tim White fielded the ball cleanly on the goal line and based on his speed and the distance of the wpg tacklers , i feel he could have made it to the 20 yard line untouched and likely close to the 30 or 35 and even a possibility for more and even a touchdown with the amont of speed he would have already generated . Time White was 5th ranked triple jumper in the USA this year and just missed going to the olympics had he finished 3rd or better . It is clear Tim White has world class speed amd is explosive and has had plenty of kick returnining experience at the Univeristy of Arizona. So , I would have preferred Tim White to not give up a point if he fields it cleanly and id preferrred that Orlondo would have given him those instructions . The chances are that Tim would have returned the ball to somewhere between the 25 to the 45 yard line and then only be down 2 with a chance to win with a field goal agaianst the wind.

If Orlonro made a wiser decision, they likely would have won the game with that short field goal as masoli was able to move the ball very close the endzone for an easy field goal that even our weak kicker can make against the wind.

Orlondo .
This year Orlondo has shown that he is nowhere near as good as a coach as I thought he was. I am assuming he has a very large say in player personnel .

Since 2019 , we lost a great national kicker/ punter in Lirium H to the NFL. Orlondo and company did a horrific job of replacing Lirium to the point that we were using one import position for place kicker . Our canadian placer kicker hit the uprights on the extra point after touchdown late in the game in toronto that should have put us into overtime .

Our place kicker is without question the worst in the league and not of CFL quality and not of good enough qualiy to go into a grey cup game .

Our gloibal punter was ok at best during the year and was absolutely horrific in the grey cup shanking at least 3 balls 2 against the wind and one with the wind and he missed two attempts to kick the ball out of bounds with the wind in between the 20 yard line and goaline . In both cases he failed and we were charged with a 10 yard penalty . One of his shanks against the wind was 9 net yards including the 15 yard unavoidable no yards by the ticats tacklers . Overall, I give orlondo A ZERO OUT OF 10 for his handling of he kicking position since 2019 and had him and others found better quality we likely would have won the Grey Cup as I think if we had a decent place kicker he may not have told Tim White to do what he thinks is right on the kickoff as Orlondo had no faith in the place kicker especially against the wind and was playing for the TD.

Orlondo and coaches also did a horrific job handling the running back position. Their nationals are clearly not good enough and clearly not starters. They chose to not dress an import running back for most of the year and did not bring in enough import backs to compete for the job. When ORLONDO Finally figured out that Don jackson is head and shouldlers above our national running backs , it was alraedy too late to make up for so many terrible games form the running back position . i will give him a 1 out of 10 on his handling of the running backs only because Don Jackson had about 4 or 5 great games including the Grey Cup and playofs .

The offensive Line .
i think orlondo and company made many mistakes. They did not bring in enough quality experienced import tackles and they stiIL dont have 1 good import tackle . chris van zyl our national tackle was injured most of the year and he might be ready for retirement . They did nothing significant to upgrade eiter tackle position and likley should have signed or traded for an import tackle with cfl esperience. letting go experienced center mike filer and moving a good guard to center was something that just did not work out well as ciracco was injured alot and also did not perform as well at center as he did at guard.

It also made orlondo decide to use an import at center for many games which is not good use of the ratio and yarbrough was stil average at best . They also left ciracos's old poisition in the hands of unproven rookies in gibbon and woodmansey which both dont look very physical and may not be starters in the cfl .

National okafor playing for van zeyl was a disaster as well. i would have to give orlondo a zero out of 10 on the handling of the oline and their ability to find any talented imports or nationals.

They should have made a trade or sign a veteran national amd veteran import but they seemed to try to force poor players in there and none really developed
i feel orlondo needs to get tougher and not baby his players all the time . he treats then like a kidergarten class. i am not asking him to be like a kent austin but his team was up 22-10 with 10 minutes to go in the grey cup game at home and choked and lost the game and all he has to say is praising the team and worrying about how they feel .

Can you imagine how kent austin would have reacted ? i think it is good to stay positive and create a comfortable environemnt but you have to kick some butt and get angry and call a spade a spade every once in a while and that grey cup collapse deserved a tongue lashing and not babying and praise over that collapse .

Orlondo did not once even mention that his team needs to get tougher and learn to finisg games and have a more killer instinct
The team aslo has had a lot of bonehaed penalties all year and that falls on the coach and alot of bonehad personnel decisions and poor in game decisions by orlondo all year including the grey cup.
We allowed montreal and toronto to come back and beat us at home during the year and it was pertially due to mark washingtons defence playing prevent defence and not being aggressive. i blame orlondo for not micro managing a bit and working with his co-ordinators to work on these type of mistakes .

Due to orlond's lack of doing this it came to haunt them again in the grey cup as wpg was able to march down the field with short passes and an eventual td in the 4th quarter. If the defence kept playing aggressive like they did all game then we woould have won the grey cup .

The Oline and offensive coordinators were weak all year/ our oline is not physical enough and we abandon the run game far too early.
Our play selection has ben very weak all year and our offence struggled most of the year mostly due to a weal oline , weak national rbs starting and poor east / west short pass and not enough north south plays .

I think these 2 coordinators have to be replaced . why did condell not have masoli just lean into his lineman on 2knd and one and then 3rd and one when they gambled on 3rd and one and failed on their own 40 yard line . 2 very very por play calls . also very poor play calls when they were on the the wpg 3 yard line and settled for a field goal.

Orlondo is far too over rated . i like the guy and he crates a nice friendly happy environement but that isnt always productive in football .
i think orlondo is going to coach in university of washington next year anyway as their defensice co-ordinator for a million bucks a year .

He is leaving the ticats high and dry and could have caused some free agaents not to sign back with us like jgared davis for example...i hope i am wrong......i say they give reinbold the head coach job to keep the ulture but get rid of condell the oc ,
I have seen enough and oline coach gibson has to go as well.
the defensive back co-ordinator maynhave to go as well it is craig butler .


It's too bad that you don't know that Steinauer will remain in Hamilton next year and will not be going to Washington.


Whoever decided that, it was a terrible decision. He had miles of room in front of him. Even if Winnipeg's gunner somehow knifes through and gets him, he at least gets near the 20.

I don't believe that for a second. Any coach knows before the game starts where he is confident in FG range based on his kicker and the conditions. You can't tell me that coach O would go for a TD when down by 2 on 3rd and goal from the 6, regardless of the conditions or the ability of his kicker. Chris van Zeyl could kick a 12 yard FG for the win. That's nonsense. Any coach would give a testicle to be down by only 2 instead of 3 in that situation.

That's irrelevant to the decision.

Hamilton's lack of running game is solely down to weak o-line play. It had nothing to do with the backs nor the play selection. In fact the play calling was great since half of Hamilton's rushing yards came from jet sweeps by receivers which actually gave them pretty good rushing yardage. In fact I believe that they were in the top half of the league in rushing despite their 'between the tackles' rushing being largely non-existent all year. That's some great scheming by Condell.

This was evident from week 1, but this is not all on Orlondo. This is more on Burke and Allemang and the scouting staff.

We know how Kent would react after 2013 and 2014. He would simply blame the refs and the media and take as little responsibility for himself and his team as possible, and and give no heart felt credit to his opponent whatsoever.

Hamilton was bad in close games all year, this is true. However I do not believe that after a GC loss is the time to call out your room for that. It should be addressed during the season. On the flip side, Toronto and Sask were AMAZING in close games this year. Neither made it to the GC.

This I agree with. Hamilton had discipline problems although they were middle of the pack penalty wise, they were involved in the most after play BS with several teams, Sask (many times) Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto (several times) and had the most ejections I believe as well.

Disagree completely, see above.

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Interesting on the Don Jackson discussion - he had a 4.9 yard average on 82 carries in comparison to STE's 5.5 yd average on 70 carries.

While I understand YPG isnt everything - in the kicker discussion we all seemed to agree if we're going to get similar output we may as well go with the Canadian.


GEEZ, a bunch of 0-10s and still forced the defending Cup champs to OT without Laurent, Frankie Williams and Addison

I don't care who's the RB, as long as we have capable backups for the position, both National and American.
I haven't gone back to go over the individual stats, but perhaps ST-E had more LONGER runs while having less success on shorter ones (ie: often gets stopped short of 3-yds, but has more 20+yard carries to skew the YPG)?
Is Jackson the more CONSISTENT runner that will get you 4-5-yds EVERY play, but has less "break-away" speed?
Is ST-E the better receiver?
Is Jackson the better blocker?
Did Jackson play behind a more cohesive O-Line at the end of the year?
Did he have nagging injuries that kept him from performing at 100% during the season?
Was the team FORCED to play ST-E due to their ratio woes?

IMHO the perfect RB has the blocking ability of Troy Davis, the break-away speed of Brandon Banks, the raw power of Julian Radlein, and the "football IQ" of Danny McMannus. And ideally we would have a backup that is almost as good, and OTHER backups that have similar qualities.

All are things to ponder over the off-season.

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Orlondo will go to Washington . where there is smoke there is fire

I'm willing to bet he doesn't.

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Don Jackson gave us a running game with speed a strength and elusiveness. STE is not a starting rb in this league and did not have 1 good complete Game.
I did not say orlondo would not use the kicker if it was an easy chip shot. I meant he would not trust him for 30 yards or more

Are they both signed for next year?

Yeah, I’m lazy…

All free agents. All 5 running backs.

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If you watch Castillo’s field goal in the third quarter, it was only from around 20 yards out. And he almost shanked that wide right, no doubt trying to compensate for the wind blowing hard west to east. I don’t think you could trust too many kickers against that wind.

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It might actually be better to get a list of players that are still under contract.
One only has to look at the CFLPA who insisted on that last year, even though they did not play, it still counted against their contracts.
Now, it seems like 85% of the players are free agents again. If the CFLPA can't see that this is an issue...

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Domagala barely made the game tying FG.

In Burke's farewell to fans today, he states that the team is in great hands with Coach O and Drew Allemang moving forward.

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Whew, that's a relief.

Is it though? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Speedy says: “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is…”



Well then you need to be more clear on that since you said unequivocably that you believed that Orlondo was willing to play 3 down ball solely because he didn't trust his kicker and that that was the reasoning why he would want to give a single. If he was okay with a FG under 30 yards then he would most definitely NOT want to give a single, so that reasoning does not add up. Orlondo did NOT want to give that single at that time. It would make no sense and the disappointed look on his face on the sidelines right afterwards pretty much confirms that.


Sitting at that end of the field and watching Domagala practice before and at half, his range was no more than 30-33 yards at most. He doesn't have a strong leg and some of his kicks into that wind were flat out ugly.

I believe prairiedog is correct. O wasn't playing 3 down football for any reason other than not being in FG range. When the 3rd down play occured (I'm too lazy to look it up) they were out of range. Had nothing to do with trust.

I said at the beginning of the drive they needed the 20 yd line to be comfortable kicking a FG. Strictly on conditions.