Orlondo and June Jones

I am excited to know Orlondo is running the show and making in game decisions. I won"t miss June Jones interviews always referring to the players as “The Kids” .

June Jones seems like a workaholic and perfectionist with a calm demeanor. Having a high energy vocal and players coach in Coach O improved the head coaching position along with his vast CFL playing and coaching experience we are in good shape.

Having June Jones able to focus entirely on the offence and with Masoli, Tasker, Saunders Addison, Banks and Green all in year 2 of this offence one can only imagine how good this offence could be. Having ex Ticat OC Condell around sure helps as well.

I have never been this excited about a coaching staff.

All we need now is to make some key signings. I think with what people saw of our Offence last year when healthy will make Hamilton a desired place to sign for free agents on both sides of the ball.

With Wally Buono having left BC and Hamilton having the 3 main cogs of last years BC defensive coaching staff this will attract many of the excellent
BC FA’s on defence.

Some of these guys could be in black and gold next year.

DE Lemon
LB Micawe Awe
and Db"s Orange , Lee, Rose and Peters.

With last years BC special teams coach Renbold back on board we could see BC FA Chris Rainey sign here to return kicks and play a bit at RB and slotback. If that doesn’t happen who knows we might see a bit of SpeedyB returning kicks after all the success he had with Reinbold.

Wasted part of a great cup coffee spitting it out with this . Thanks .

Rainey was benched at times last season with B.C.

In fact they picked up Shakier Ryan from us and he was given a shot at Rainey’s job.

I vote for Sinkfield to return kicks.

Wow the negativity on this site is outrageous.

Rainey wasn’t benched because of production

Maybe too expensive for limited duties, although he would then be available as a fill-in at both receiver or DB? Our own version of Duron Carter :).

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8)Right Grover, the reports were that Rainey had a bad attitude !! :frowning: