Orlando Steinhaur Cut?

so Steinhaur has been cut loose from the argos so where do you guys think he will end up my personal preference would be to Winnipeg since we kind of need a ball-hawk and an established safety... he is getting old but what the heck maybe we only need him for a few years and he can train the likes of Nugent and company.

i think either Winnipeg, Hamilton, or Saskatchewan.

im hoping the cats pick him up

The Riders likely won't have the budget to sign him...which was why he was cut, btw....nice to see the Argos are honoring the SMS, ditching both Bishop and Steinauer for diddly.

If I were Hamilton and had the cap room, he wouldn't hurt there.

He would help Hamilton greatly, i have a feeling that the cats wont be the team picking him up

Don't count out Montreal. They're looking at a lot of injuries in their secondary. As a cut and not a trade, he's going to have to expect a pay cut if he wants to play football.

i hope to god taman makes it wor and gets him.