Orlando Steinauer - How Much Longer?

A half inflated balloon taped to a mop handle is an improvement to Tommy Condell.

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Bye week social media team was a day late making a birthday post for santos knox also

I don't think there is a single department of this franchise that has it together right now. From management to coaches to players to training staff to marketing. It's like everyone is taking the year between hosting Grey Cups off. And it's annoying and frustrating to be a fan right now.

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If management starts listening to the fans then management soon will be sitting with the fans . The Steelers have had 3 coaches in 53 years (Noll , Cowher, and Tomlin) . Strong ownership and continuity in the coaching staff has kept the team in contention for years .

Pittsburgh Steelers Postseason Results

Year Record Result
2021 9-7-1 Lost Wild Card Round (Won 0 Rounds)
2020 12-4 Lost Wild Card Round (Won 0 Rounds)
2019 8-8 Missed Playoffs
2018 9-6-1 Missed Playoffs
2017 13-3 Lost Divisional Round (Won 0 Rounds)
2016 11-5 Lost Conference Championship (Won 2 Rounds)
2015 10-6 Lost Divisional Round (Won 1 Round)
2014 11-5 Lost Wild Card Round (Won 0 Rounds)
2013 8-8 Missed Playoffs
2012 8-8 Missed Playoffs
2011 12-4 Lost Wild Card Round (Won 0 Rounds)
2010 12-4 Lost Super Bowl (Won 2 Rounds)
2009 9-7 Missed Playoffs
2008 12-4 Won Super Bowl
2007 10-6 Lost Wild Card Round (Won 0 Rounds)
2006 8-8 Missed Playoffs
2005 11-5 Won Super Bowl
2004 15-1 Lost Conference Championship (Won 1 Round)
2003 6-10 Missed Playoffs
2002 10-5-1 Lost Divisional Round (Won 1 Round)
2001 13-3 Lost Conference Championship (Won 1 Round)
2000 9-7 Missed Playoffs
1999 6-10 Missed Playoffs
1998 7-9 Missed Playoffs
1997 11-5 Lost Conference Championship (Won 1 Round)
1996 10-6 Lost Divisional Round (Won 1 Round)
1995 11-5 Lost Super Bowl (Won 2 Rounds)
1994 12-4 Lost Conference Championship (Won 1 Round)
1993 9-7 Lost Wild Card Round (Won 0 Rounds)
1992 11-5 Lost Divisional Round (Won 0 Rounds)
1991 7-9 Missed Playoffs
1990 9-7 Missed Playoffs
1989 9-7 Lost Divisional Round (Won 1 Round)
1988 5-11 Missed Playoffs
1987 8-7 Missed Playoffs
1986 6-10 Missed Playoffs
1985 7-9 Missed Playoffs
1984 9-7 Lost Conference Championship (Won 1 Round)
1983 10-6 Lost Divisional Round (Won 0 Rounds)
1982 6-3 Lost Wild Card Round (Won 0 Rounds)
1981 8-8 Missed Playoffs
1980 9-7 Missed Playoffs
1979 12-4 Won Super Bowl
1978 14-2 Won Super Bowl
1977 9-5 Lost Divisional Round (Won 0 Rounds)
1976 10-4 Lost Conference Championship (Won 1 Round)
1975 12-2 Won Super Bowl
1974 10-3-1 Won Super Bowl
1973 10-4 Lost Divisional Round (Won 0 Rounds)
1972 11-3 Lost Conference Championship (Won 1 Round)
1971 6-8 Missed Playoffs
1970 5-9 Missed Playoffs
1969 1-13 Missed Playoffs
1968 2-11-1 Missed Playoffs
1967 4-9-1 Missed Playoffs
1966 5-8-1 Missed Playoffs
1965 2-12 Missed Playoffs
1964 5-9 Missed Playoffs
1963 7-4-3 Missed Playoffs
1962 9-5 Missed Playoffs
1961 6-8 Missed Playoffs
1960 5-6-1 Missed Playoffs

Dynasties come and go in all sports but the good teams stay in contention even when championships don't happen .



Well it doesn’t necessarily have to be him. It would just make more sense for the GM to hire the coach and not the other way around, if they were to actually let Orlondo go. And given that Hervey has played in the league and has been a full fledged GM at one point, the team would probably see him as the more logical choice over Allemang or Zimmerman.

I understand your point though. Hervey has been outspoken before and had some questionable dealings with players and coaches, so they may not want to put that power back in his hands.

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Thanks for elaborating on my rather terse reply. I actually don't like it so much when others do the same without supporting their point so it was a bit rude of me..

But you did gather my feelings and actual thoughts on the matter quite well and I agree with your perspective.

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Wasn't Hervey responsible for that mess of an O-Line that BC had the entire time Reilly was their QB?

If so then I wouldn't trust him to build a superior O-Line in Hamilton either.


This was literally every person watching a BC Lions game with that swiss cheese of an O-Line



Maybe this Hamilton OLine was built by GM Hervey??

In 2017 a very dominant Steelers' squad was trending towards meeting the Philadelphia Eagles in an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl . . . until December 4, 2017 when a young All-Pro LB named Ryan Shazier left Paul Brown Stadium on a spinal board . . . very sad day . . .

But getting back to the Tiger-Cats and this question about our Head Coach . . .
I am going to guess eleven (11) years. Let me know if I win a prize !!!

If you don't count 2020 , Coach O has been the head coach for 3 years . That makes 2030 your magic number . I'd love to be around to give you your prize but I don't see me living to 85 . I do like your 11 year projection though . :slightly_smiling_face:

the old guy

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No worries and no offence taken. Going around these forums and listening to other team’s fans I’ve picked up a lot of negative vibes re. Hervey. And I remember him going off on Simeon Rottier in a press conference in just his first or second year as Edmonton’s GM. Don’t know if it was his way to light a fire under him or the team but it seemed pretty amateurish to me.

That type of personality might be why the team is reluctant to toss the keys at him and is working GM’s by committee. You never know though, getting let go in a couple of spots might be a humbling thing and he may have learned a life and football lesson or two along the way.

Hard to say if it was entirely on him. Chungh and Boyko didn’t really pan out as advertised and Ryker Matthews was hurt all of 2021. They did improve quite a bit when they hired Kelly Bates as coach to replace Bryan Chiu.

I liked the moves to bring in Saxelid and Colin Kelly from Edm, though Kelly is more of a right tackle. Hasn’t helped that we’ve had a bunch of injuries and haven’t played the same lineup in any of the games. If they can keep this group healthy and together for a few games it might come together by mid- season.

Next year though they definitely need to put a priority on drafting some top oline prospects. And if Drew Desjarlais doesn’t make it in the NFL this year or next they should go after him hard. Believe he’s from Windsor and may want to play closer to home. Pretty sure he was a free agent for 2022 as his rookie contract expired but Winnipeg will also be dangling some big dollars in front of him if he comes back.

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Courtesy of 3DN see where Coach O stands or sits in this instance on the CFL's Head coaches hot seat... :fire: :chair:


Looked at thatearlier.How can Steinauer not be on the bottom of that list? And I think Lapo & Campbell are pretty secure at this point.

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Danny Maciocia. He's the NEXT coach to be canned if he can't get the Als out of the dumpster this season. After all... Maciocia DID claim to have assembled a talent laden roster and that Khari Jones had been gifted all the tools he needed to win.

Wouldn't that mean he'd be firing himself?

Uh, both he and the team president have categorically said that he will only be head coach THIS season (2022), and that they will conduct a full head coach search after the season is over. Maciocia has no interest in being a full-time head coach.

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They should try and lure Condell away from the Cats. I'm sure many Cat fans would be happy for his "promotion". :smile: