Orlando Steinauer - How Much Longer?

Look, losing comes with the territory but when you become a choker there has to be some accountability to your season ticket holders. Steinauer may bring some previous successes to the mix but he does not deserve to keep the job in Hamilton. Punting into the wind on a 3rd and 1 does not cut it for my idea of a coach that I can respect for courage. And not taking the wind in the 4th quarter is just begging to lose. That last play fumble by Evans (naturally, what else is new?) costing them a game they should have won in their sleep, should never have been allowed to be called. It should have been overruled. It wasn't and voila, just like that, game over. I am asking for a coach who will not shoot himself nor the team in the foot every game. Orlando is not up to speed. When Bob wakes from his cat nap he can hand Condell his walking papers too.


He should have been canned the day after his GC mistake(s).


The man's name is Orlondo . It's always been Orlondo . I find it "ironical" that you critique our leadership but you can't take the time to learn how to spell Orlondo .


All I can say is thank God you’re not in charge.


Orlando or Orlondo what's the difference? Did he sing with Dawn ? After two failed grey cups visits and his failure to secure talent while making very uneducated coaching decisions doesn't change the fact he is well over his head. Imagine if you can, three GM's and coaches still believe that it is a requirement to retain players past their shelf life. In my opinion, spelling is the last thing a fan should worry about.


That's absurd. He would not even have been the coach on Grey Cup Day if he had been fired when we kept losing to Toronto in the regular season. Also he would have been fired prior to that for not playing the QB preferred by some fans. And presumably before that for various coin-toss or clock management foibles. (Is it possible to fire a coach retroactively, and multiple times?)

More serious answer: according to the 2017 precedent, the threshold for firing a Ticats head coach is not 0-4, but 0-8.


As Steinauer himself said after a few of the latest losses, for this team to win, the players need to execute.

Steinauer does not drop passes, fumble, throw interceptions, etc.

Hamilton has the talent to win. The players will win games when they avoid mistakes and make plays.

If we fire Steinauer, Condell or Washington, another team will hire them the same day. You don’t turf good football coaches because the players give games away.


If he'd been fired earlier, we wouldn't have lost those 2 Grey Cups because we likely would not have been there in the first place.


26-15 as a head coach...which unemployed coach would you like to hire as your improvement?


With calls like that, may as well let Dane call his own plays.

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[quote="of_course, post:7, topic:79024"]
Hamilton has the talent to win.
Really!... You could have fooled me.

Realistically, Steinauer is at the top of the football food chain in Hamilton. It would have to be Bob Young basically pulling the trigger on this and I don’t see that happening with the new contract he was given in the offseason. Also, there is no ex- head coach or long time football guy like a Barker or Macioccia on the payroll who is going to step in.

You’d likely have to promote Condell or Washington from within. And considering the struggles we’ve had on both sides of the ball, how well would that play out?

More likely scenario is

  1. Personnel changes - may include Evans in a week or two if things keep going south. More likely a new receiver and possibly switch some of the older defensive lineman to try to get a spark.

Losing continues?

  1. Change up one of the co- ordinators or bring in a ‘consultant’ like we did with June Jones or Mtl bringing in Garcia/Schonert. Unlikely given the football ops cap but Argos found a way around it last year.

2-10? 0-12?

If the team is looking like it’s going nowhere in the final third of the season then usually no coaching job is safe. That’s just the way things roll in pro sports. The team may want to get a jump on rebuilding for 2023 by bringing in somebody from outside or promoting one of the co- ordinators if they’re still around. They could revert back to a more traditional structure, give Hervey more responsibility as the main GM and let him hire someone.

Saying all that, I don’t think option 3 is how the team or most of the fans want things to pass. Orlondo was tossed the keys and I think it’s his job to try to right things and he’ll be given that opportunity. Don’t always agree with his decisions and he’s made some blunders but he didn’t forget how to coach overnight. The east being what it is affords the team a bit of time but not much. Next stretch of games against mostly Argos and Alouettes will probably decide the team and Orlando’s fate one way or another.


Well, it has been crickets from the team since the July 1st, loss.
Everyone on holidays this week? :slightly_smiling_face:

Orlando or Orlondo what's the difference? In my opinion, spelling is the last thing a fan should worry about.
I think it shows a lack of intellectual curiosity on the fan's part . This may be an apt comparison . In the pre - CFL Draft days at the CFL Combine presented by New Era,Tre Ford led all prospects with a time of 6.85 seconds in the three-cone drill. He also clocked a 4.45-second 40-yard dash at the University of Buffalo’s pro day. He also put up 17 reps on the bench press.
I was criticized for pointing to his 17 reps of 225 lbs as an example of his work ethic . "Lifting weights doesn't make you a better football player " was directed at me . Well apparently little things mean a lot . 17 reps for a QB shows me a guy who will show up early , work hard and leave late . That's the kind of player everybody wants .

Little things like not knowing how to spell our head coach's name suggests to me that the following opinion is not worth reading . Coach Belichick says "Do your job" . Fans should at least be able to get the names right even if their comments are outlandish .


PatLynch That's the player everybody wants but Hamilton intentionally choose to .....

Montreal’s making changes today. Meanwhile the sound of crickets in the Hammer…


Stay away from the yellow cards . You don't want to lose your voice on this site . Trust me on this one .


Two people need to be fired and one of them is not Orlondo.
Condell and Gibson. Period.


I think there's a rabbit involved in that story. :smile:


Only if they have suitable upgrades ready to go.