Orlando Hudson

Anyone remember if the following actually occurred?

MLB, couple years ago, a toronto blue jay (believe it was Hudson) hits a HR (or a ground-rule double) and then breaks his leg rounding the bases? Gets carried around by the trainers?

If anyone has a link or a video that could verify this, it would be a big help. I apologize for being off topic, but it's driving me nuts.

I'm on the case, Paul!

I can't find the bit as yet. I'm still trying to get the flashback of Buck Martinez making a double play at home plate with a broken leg out of my head (one of the gutsiest things I've seen in ANY sport!)...

If I find the bit you referred to, I'll post the link.

Oski Wee Wee,

Gabe kapler, Bosox perhaps? Ruptured his Achilles tendon running around the bases at the Rogers Centre (September 2005)...


"In September 2005, Gabe Kapler ruptured his left Achilles tendon while running the bases on what turned out to be a home run by teammate Tony Graffanino. This ended Kapler's season. Kapler was usually the go-to guy in the outfield in case of an injury. Kapler, who hit lefties very well, usually would play instead of Trot Nixon in right field when a lefty was slotted in as the opposing pitcher."


Maybe that rings a bell?

TSN had a Top 10 video feature on gutsy performances -- Martinez's heroics are featured at #4:


Honourable mentions for the Cats include: Tony Champion's contortionism laying out to catch a ball from Mike Kerrigan for a TD in the 1989 Grey Cup while suffering from a broken rib...amazing! Joe Zuger's guts in playing most of the 1965 Grey Cup with a badly broken nose in leading the Cats to victory.

Oski Wee Wee,

Happened in womens college just this year. I remember reading about it and it was and still is a great story of sportsmanship. Its not Hudson and not what you are looking at but worth a read just the same thanks, beet:


That was a great article. Good to see that kind of spirit in people.

5-stars to those women!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Yeah I think you may have been referring to something else. The reason I say that is because it is against the rules for a baseball player to be assisted by any member of his/her own team while on the basepaths.

So I don't think it has happened at a major league level because they aren't that nice to each other!

But, I've been known to be wrong. Just not very often! :wink:

  • paul

O dog never broke his leg rounding the bases as far as i can remember, I think that your thinking about moises Alou when he was with the expos and he broke his ankle and it was sideways.