Origins of the city of Hamilton

is this who the city is named after

could there be a name change in the making

I kid, I kid. :slight_smile:

Probably worked on the Durand farmstead.

No, FYB.

The City was first settled around 1778 by UEL fleeing the rebellious 13 colonies to the south, so fat chance they'd name it after a Revolutionary War hero.

It was named after one George Hamilton who laid out the first city plan in 1815.

He also fought at Detroit, Queenston Heights, and Lundy's Lane in the War of 1812.

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ahhh. George Hamilton. Never a quickie, always a longie

George Hamilton, a young buck and unfortunately a short life lived.

I have an old map of pre-Hamilton. The Durand Farm was basically from, best I can tell, Dundurn St in the West to Almost Sherman Street and from water edge to almost, well, certainly south of main st...looks like almost to the bottom of the escarpment.

So really the bulk of now, downtown Hamilton.

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Sadly, to many protesters today, it wouldn't matter WHO the city was named after. Just the association of the name with slavery in any way could be deemed offensive.

It's a good thing that Dundas refused the railway and Hamilton got it instead. That made Hamilton grow and become the primary city. If we were the city of Dundas and had the Dundas Tiger-Cats then we would be in trouble. Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville, was a slaveowner who held up abolition in England.

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At least we wouldn't be the Dundas Eskimos.

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Ooh.... bad news.

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