original Touchdown Atlantic








Great pictures. Oh, the fog. It wasn’t bad there, but the huskies are use to bad weather. Wonder if it bugged the Argos or Cats…

But whats with Bush and the rubbing bald heads? And the sandwich? lol.

Drumming God: Great pictures.

Sportyguy03: Great question !

DG great photos. Hey maybe “W” could buy a franchise, from one capital to the next, let’s say run it in Ottawa.

Love the pics, especially the last one where it looks kinda like they are playing in Red Square.

BTW: what's with the pics of that lying idoit president president of America?

Excellent picture Drumming God. Thanks for all of the newspaper articles you have transcribed and the great photos you have put on this site. By the way, notice in the last 2 football photos how close the seats are to the far sideline. The lack of room at St. Mary's is why you will never see anyone try to set up 15000 + seats there. At the first Touchdown Atlantic, both team benches were on the same sideline so there would be room for seating.

thank you and yourwelcome, c-way-dude.....i like to share with others who feel the same enthusiasm, such as yourself.