Original Bases

Do you think one of the original bases be put back on the Cup trophy?

No i dont think they will use them... they will just sit at the Hall of Fame for ever

They'll have to make a new base for the 100th GC game as they are all out of room on the one they have now and are putting the winner's engraved plates on the rim until 2012. Hopefully the new base will look as nice (or better) than the current one. Let's hope they don't go the way of the Stanley Cup and just do a big cylinder so you can keep adding metal rings to it when you run out of room. :roll:

I thought this question would garner more posts... There are two, a dark and a light one. I have a picture of the dark one (must be the first). If it could be re-mounted and put on the larger base, that would be one valuable, and fragile, trophy.

The first base was the dark one with the shields on it (where they engraved the team names), the second one was a little bigger, but like the first, only had the team names and year. The base that has to be replaced now, has all of the names of the players and coaches engraved on the rectangular plate sections and goes back all the way to the first GC. No need to combine all the bases, just need a new one with all the first 100 winners and room for 100 more. :wink: