Organizational overhaul needed!

How do the Alouettes, Lions and Eskimos (not this year yet), have good success every season, year in year out?

They have strong organizations from top to bottom, with good football people.

We need a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

G-M Rob Katz, had no football experience before taking over the job.

Joe Paopao's work as offensive co-ordinator has been disastrous!...

Kavis Reed has not proven himself yet as a defensive co-ordinator....Where's the pressure????

What has Jerome Erdman done with special teams...same old, same old!

Ron Lancaster is the old guard...we need new blood.

For starters, turf this whole group.

We have the talent on offence to be much better. We didn't address some defensive needs in the off-season and are paying for it.

Bob Young said he wanted to emulate the success of the Eskimos...but he has failed to develop a strong organizational team.

We are still lacking some talent...and the players are not getting the coaching needed!

Can we merge all of these same threads into the master thread on the same topics?

Why is it that people can't post their comments in the same thread?

I always beleive in giving asst. coachstime and yes at times no matter how good you are it's up to the quality of players you have , but Erdman has failed he has the players and it is obviuose the special teams aren't there the coordination has not been applied . Now for Reed , sorry he should not be a coach , the deff. he runs is extremelyeasy to read what he is doing with his linebackers is just asking teams to throw and run in the open holes and zones.