ORBs @ Riders GDT

Ottawa really needs this one, but the watermelon heads are going to be out in full force.


Ottawa needs to win this one, I agree and they will have Harris back. As much as I want Ottawa to win, I hate to say it, but I think Sask will take this one as they are playing better at this point in the season.


Tough game to call but I expect the Roughriders will win this game. They are a better team and are playing better at this time.

Let's all hope for a complete blow out.....

Another close game, but Riders at home, sounds good.

Harris will help with throwing the ball, but Riders seem to be developing a strong bend but not break defence.

Do you think it will be a blow out?
The last time the Riders played Ottawa a couple of weeks ago it was 18 - 17 and Ottawa had their 3rd string QB playing who had trouble completing a pass.

Not particularly but I sure am hoping for one but only if it's the Roughriders winning....

Such a relief to see Proulx reffing the Ti-Cat game.....

LOL... could be the TSN turning point...

Can not see the Riders losing at home.

For sure a Riders win.

Yet my predictions always go the opposite way.

Just jinxed the Riders, so that means the RedBlacks will win.

Now just jinxed Ottawa with my reverse prediction.

Wait, let me figure this out.

...Let's all hope the riders get soundly thrashed....

...carter, lol

Where that quote come from anyway? Oh, the Ham/Cal thread :smiley:

...it's a good line, it deserves repeating..

Yes but it is dyslexic. Not sure how original it is.

Great 3rd down stuff by the Roughriders.......

...you cannot stop Spencer, apparently

Haven't seen Tattoo Glenn barf up a Pic 6 like that for awhile.

Has Porky Jones had enuf?

I suspect we'll see Brandon Bridge in for Tattoo!

The idea of Bridge isn't bad, not a lot to lose really BUT I highly doubt they do it......

let's get a touchdown on this drive Riders......won't seal the game but it will go a long way to getting to that point........

Yet another horrendous PI call tonight. It truly is The Canadian Flagfootball League. How can you enjoy the game when phantom calls are taking the game away from the skill of the players and putting it in the hands off on and off field officials.