ORBs @ Leos GDT

BC needs a win in order to stay in the crossover hunt.

Ottawa needs a win in order to keep the Ticats at arms length.

Lions have been a disappointment.

Really underachieved this season.

I am looking and hoping for a big win.

Go Pumpkins! (Take out the Two-Colors*).

And if Jennings keeps repeating this drive that will happen!

*from a fan of the other kitties

Nobody here? Ah well...

Ottawa is screwed......Kim Murphy crew officiating! Murphy is a guaranteed 7 pts. against Ottawa.

Oh..... you have your special officiating crews too?

We have had him for 8 games this year and he sucks!

Looks like they'll get it. Doing the Ti-Cats a real favour though - as the Ticats might be the biggest force in progress. If they make playoffs (2nd in east is reachable now) they'll be a force.

Wonder who the first coaching casualties will be in the CFL.


  1. Mavis Reed is on the clock and things don't look too promising. (he'll be begging for any job within that organization cuz nobody else will want him)
  2. Porky Campbell - even Commissioner Hughie couldn't help #1 son; Porky on a short leash
  3. Jason Maas - if Esks continue to flounder. Maas will be an off-season disposal.
  4. Wally Buono - Wally calls the shots. Does he want another year of two of compounded anxiety - or hand the reigns to Washington or Lulay?

RB’s looking to take it. All of a sudden they are unstoppable.

Buono looking every bit his 68 years - mentally he's older than rust.

Perhaps the oldest coach in pro football - either NFL or CFL?

Shine coming off the west, it seems.

Wow, 19 pts down, RBs come back to steal a victory. What a game! Great onside kick. Not good for the Cats though. Chris Williams, choke artist along with Rainey (hope he is ok though).

A much needed win to keep the Ticats at bay.

Suddenly the numbers look horrid for the Ticats.
June Jones has re-built a wreckage into a viable vehicle.

Ottawa probably needs one more win to secure 2nd in East.

If the rebuild in Hamilton is on - why not trade Collaros for value.
If Winnipeg comes out of their ether - and Nichols is out for anything more than 2 games why not pick off Wpg's first round draft choice (not a big loss for the bombers as they have a deplorable record in the CFL draft) plus a couple roster players - ie. Paddy Neufeld, OL, one more?

Ottawa was due. They lost so many games this year being on the wrong end I was skeered watching that last drive and hail mary. Would have been a crap loss if that procedure call ending up costing them. If not for some bad luck (and nice play from BB ) from the Argo/Rider game, the East (and myself in this weeks picks )could have been 3-0 so far.

Yup, if the Cats can get what they want for Collaros at this point, I would say they should do it.

Yes raymark, Ottawa was due especially with the gutsy effort they put forward tonight.

Yes, very gutsy effort by Ottawa Earl.

Pretty much season write-off time for BC & Old Wally, the oldest coach in North American pro football - and the only one over 65 (Pea Carroll is only 65, same with Bellichick) . . . . . Rainey's injury did not look good but that kid appears fully capable of re-generating limbs in under 48 hours!

Well it's painfully obvious the Lions have just given up on this year...

Lyle, but Wally looks so young with that full head of hair. If he could just chop off some of those locks and give these to me, maybe I'd look as good as well! Well, ok, probably not.

Yes, really hope the best for Rainey, he's so quick and an excellent player, just not the right time to field that punt as he did, bad timing.


Pathetic and unacceptable.
Unless of course you enjoy being humiliated in your own building.

This team has the talent, but does not have the character .
Many mistakes.

Being asleep is a problem. Stand still because you have a 19 pt lead while the other team works it's ass off.

I keep thinking about 2 times when they went for 2 and failed.
Kick those 2 converts and a FG puts it into OT.
Dumb Ass football.

BTW, Jennings is not the answer.
Go get Collaros.
Build for 2018. This team is not making the play-offs.

Now I am off to lionbackers.com to vent and bitch.