ORBs - Bombers GDT

I imagine that the Bombers are heavily favoured.

This is likely the weekend that the Argos nose ahead of Ottawa in the standings.

With BC losing Lulay, Sask'n still building their 'dinosty', Winnipeg standing pat on replacing weak players and Edmonton losing games by the batch - it appears the east is gradually slithering up on the west.

Tonite will be the next test!

Winnipeg is still playing an 11 man defense (Samuel Hurl is more like the signal-caller on an 8 man rowboat crew than an actual participant rower) and now they have to rely on some decent spares to replace starter Westerman. Still coached by Richie Hall so even a mope like Eric Hippo or Ryan Leaf could gash that suspect D for massive yards.

Rain expected so Klingon Lindley will have to contend with 26,000+ mopes screaming at top of lungs. Winnipeg has a fluid but under-powered offense with a strong but uncoordinated o-line.

If Bombers can somehow be humbled and drop to 8-4 they'll be officially cancelling their outside chance chase for 1st in west and will have to work like the dickens to hold off Regina & Edmonton for 2nd. PLUS - damage to their collective psyches will be extensive!

If Bombers somehow get some ref assistance and Lindley can't produce then the Bombers are at least even money for 2nd in west, O'Shea will be lead contender for Coach of the Year and Bomber fans, parched for 27 years in the desert keep hopes alive!

I said it before, I'll say it again. " I count seven teams that would gladly change places with the Bombers."

Montreal & Hamilton to be sure! That's a given.

Wouldn't be too sure Toronto would want a coaching staff like ours plus our set of average to slightly above average receivers.

Let alone our sub-par linebacking crew and non-penetrative d-line.

Regina is busy building a dynasty - Jones wouldn't have nice things to say about Nichols if he was under sodium pentathol (truth serum) while Edmonton is too arrogant to take Winnipeg's quirky organization as their own.

Calgary - well that's a given NO.

BC is up in the air - Winnipeg has certainly climbed past Team Wally in the personnel dept.; might also have a slightly better coaching staff (which speaks terribly of Wally's Wobblers)

Ottawa, due to current circumstances might want to switch places! THAT ONLY MAKES 3 FOR SURES.....

Weather radar showing "significant amounts of precipitation" for game time, 13 degrees, healthy north winds.
Rain will probably drive up run game, Wad probably concerned the watered draft may reduce crowd effect...
Harris and Flanders getting their long cleats on, O and D line smiling, Walmart selling out of Winnipeg rain coats (XL garbage bags), looks like a wet one. Bored members hearing that are all pulling on Depends (incontinence underwear), expecting line ups at the troughs.

Winning the toss, wind in the fourth, could be big.

Interesting to note how The Bombers manage The Club House; Carmichal is "suspended", huh? Westerman is out for the season with an injury that could be anything from a concussion to halitosis, but in order to maintain Team integrity we will never know. Go figure.

On the positive side, our two on the six are actually injured. I'm wondering if a "Cap Hit" in Regina is what it takes to put you on the six? Something smells over there, again.

....You didn't expect Jonesie in Greenland to play by the rules did ya...He'll use anything he can to scrape out a win and that includes skirting the rules till someone calls him on it....Their IR is beginning to rival their starting line-up in numbers...Easy way to stash players and thumb your nose at the sms and avoid a hit....The commish is watching Corky

...As for the game tonight....a rested Bomber team playing a team on a 5 game turnaround BETTER come away with the win...BUT this is the CFL and ya really shouldn't count your chicks till the fat one sings

Here we go again. Bomber fans worried about the Riders.

Very easy win for the Bombers.

Problem is enduring Sara Orlesky on sidelines.

Cant stand Sarsky
Don’t like Sarsky
Sarsky is the worst

I am sure Sarsky has blackmail photos of TSN brass.

No one had better say anything nice or say they like Sarsky or I will lash out.

I'm a Bomber fan who's not worried about the Riders one little bit. 8)

I do not think Bomber fans should worry about any team. ( except Stamps )

On the other side , the Bombers are the one team Stamps need to worry about.

Not to put the cart before the horse, but I think that will be the WF.

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There is a 20 minute delay to tonight's game due to rough weather. The #Bombers and #Redblacks will hit the field around 7:20 #CFL

Another cheery view by the ever pessimistic Nate

NFL hobo isn't the answer at QB for ORB's

Despite that - Old Matty Nichols refuses to bury a defeated and depleted OTT squad.

Nichols pretty much outta gas early in the 3rd quarter but O'Shea will play the stoic and refuse to extricate one of his MVP's

Sarsky (Sara Orlesky, credit bindini) reports Weston Dressler out for game with upper body injury.
Most of Dressler's injuries take him out for 2 or more games at this point in his career.
Wonder if the bombers will try calling back TJ Thorpe - who walked away from the team earlier this week cuz he wasn't rostered!

My predictions do not normally work out.

This was an easy one.

Easy Bomber win.

I have said this before. They are just getting better.

I fear the Bombers.

Man is Nichols ever playing well. I love the reemergence of the roll out and the play calling is terrific.

His accuracy is impressive whether threading the needle or long bombs.

Great to see. The bombers are one of the most entertaining teams to watch this season. Them and the Riders, i’d say. Ottawa, too, when Harris is QB.

Agree on all three.