ORBs @ Als - GDT

Tough to beat a team thrice in the same season.

Time will soon tell.
Should be interesting given Tate is starting and the change on the sidelines for the Als.

Well the BlackReds are the doormats of the east so a good chance we see them lose.

Tate has always been scared of being a starter and he will probably doormat it.

Look for Durant to rebound against the doormat bLACKrEDS and the stupidest and biggest doormat name in nORthaMeRICAN sports.


The Doormats managed to get themselves a W with their third string QB. Hats off to them.

yeah the dOOrmAts managed to squeak one out. I actually do like them as a team.


Ottawa back in FIRST PLACE - so much for doormats................... :smiley:

Only because the Als suck so bad.

At least we know the Ti-Cats will win at least 4 games this season.

How long will Tate be out ?

Reds will have tough slugging with a 3rd spot QB.

After what I saw from the Argos yesterday, Argos will for sure finish 1st.

Yeah they can't even get that right. I actually do like their team though.

Re : "I actually do like their team though."

They are hard NOT to like.


I musta seen something else

But did the Als offense suck because Ottawa completely shut them down?
Did Ottawa's offense with a 2nd and 3rd stringer over power the Als "D" ?

So now we know what to call the thing 'doormats' walk over...Alouettes....

Something tells me that there won't be a fourth game.

At least The Als beat Ottawa in the preseason. :wink:

Seriously what happened to Durant out there today?

Looked like a JV quarterback out there

Calvillo tried to get Durant to run the plays Calvillo use to run. Where Calvillo's short game was his best weapon. It is Durant's biggest weakness.

I don't know if Durant's legs are gone or he's just trying to milk the money by refusing to run with the ball, he can't start as QB in this league.

Not sure I would bet on the Argos finishing in first or the Cats beating the ALS twice.
Cats didn't look so convincing the Friday night.

Could not even complete one pass.

Money well spent one could say.

At this point, they should bench him and have one of their young QB's ( if they have any left) hold the clip board and or IPad.
Get some experience.

Slim, Ottawa D, did not need to shut them down.
Als O sucked from the coin toss.
Worst game , I have seen DD play.