Orange Helmets

Does anyone know when the Lions are going to auction off the orange claw (Bob) helmets or did I miss this one? They said about a month ago they would have this auction, once their season was over. Also, do the players sign their respective helmets?
Thanks! :wink:

Details regarding the Orange Helmet Auction will come early in the new year.

FYI - The helmets to be auctioned off will include some that have been individually autographed in addition to helmets signed by the entire team.

Thanks for your response! :thup:

Well I'm happy to say that I was a successfull bidder on the Ryan Phillips team autographed helmet. I am proud to have obtained a part of the B.C. Lions history and in honour of the late, great Bob Ackles and his worthy causes. Congatulations to all the other successfull bidders and I hope you enjoy your piece as much as I. Couldn't have come at a better time... right before Christmas! :thup: :smiley: