Orange helmets?

Were those new? I seem to recall white helmets with the pawprint logo when they wore the third jersey last year. Do people like them?

don't get me wrong...I'm only commenting on the helmets and uniforms here....

I initially thought they were a "Halloween Outfit"...a joke....then the game started!

Please BC...never again...they are awfull! :thdn:

Nice Big Win though! :wink:

Don't like the orange helmet. prefer the whit helmet with the pawprint. Looked to Haloweenish.

I don't care if its orange, white, or plaid - ANYTHING looks better than that cartoonish mountain lion and "BC" mark.

I liked the look, I thought it was very cool. :slight_smile: too, I'd like to see the Lions wear that colour scheme more often....the white helmet with the black paw looks, I dunno, 'cheaper' I guess than the orange helmet and black paw....

Two them,
Two more words.....very cool,

I liked the orange helmet better than the WHite helmet. The white looked like it was missing soemthing.

I agree... I thought the Orange helmets were awesome, especially with the 3rd jersey. Maybe the whole look through off the stamps. I think they should keep them!! Agree they are much better than the white ones.

I think just about every Lion helmet and jersey have looked awesome. The BC Lions have the best uniforms in the CFL!!!!!!!!!!!! Epsically the orange helmet!!!!

Actually i like them too they somewhat remind me of the bengal helmets

Not sure, but I think the Orange helmets were something for a fundraiser later this month. Heard something about it just before Calgary game. Anyways, they looked good with the third jerseys. I also like that we only wear them 3 times or so a year. Then its fun to wear them to the stadium. The classic Orange is still the best. Its about time the league put some color into it. Anyways it doesnt matter if they wear pink, just win baby!

Nevermind orange, how about black helmets with an orange paw on the side to go with the black jerseys. Those black third jerseys are sweet and quite the hot sellers apparently. Now all they need is the helmet to go with them and then you'd have to say B.C. has the best third uniforms in the whole league.

i like the orange helmets

top 5 jerseys

1.BC Altertnate
2.Hamilton Home
3.Toronto Home
4.Calgary Away
5.Edmonton home