Options for watching in the U.S.

With the schedule release today I'm pretty pumped for the season already! I'm sure this gets asked a lot before the season begins but I wonder if games will be available nbcsports again. I noticed on the broadcast info link that the network was mentioned, however it was the info for last season. With the olympics not a factor this year I hope weekly games throughout the season will be shown! If not at least we get espn3.

ESPN 3 is likely going to be your best bet, if you can get it. We don't usually find out about U.S. broadcast coverage until a few days before the start of the season. Another option is to get a Canadian satellite dish, but that requires an address in Canada (though I'm told a post office box will do). You can also use a Slingbox if you have a friend in Canada willing to let you tap into their cable feed. Occasionally there are also rogue feeds that people put up on the web, but they can be pretty spotty.

I believe that domains in the US allow streaming of all CFL games, while Canadian's can not do it w/o a proxy.
I would also watch for NBC sport details. They inked a deal mid-season last year, and anticipate it will be extended.

[url=http://www.freeinternettvcanada.ca/blog/2012/06/29/cfl-games-online-free/]http://www.freeinternettvcanada.ca/blog ... line-free/[/url]

"Believe it or not if you live south of the border in the U.S. you can stream every CFL game online for free from the ESPN3 website (a cable subscription is required). "

But ONLY if your internet subscriber carries ESPN 3 !!!
We have had this discussion before, I am with Century Link which is one of the biggest phone/internet companies in Florida and they do NOT carry ESPN3.

So if I want to watch CFL football, I have to watch on one of the "unofficial internet sites" which may or may not be streaming or I have to watch TSN VOD after the game is over.

Most of the games on NBC Sportnet were "tape delay" so what's the point when you can watch on TSN VOD after the game is over.

repost closer to to season start, perhaps there will be better intel.

here is where tsn posts ‘legit’ sources


Oh, it's this time of year again.
Time to guess if one of the 2,734 available U.S. cable networks will actually carry live CFL games.

Don't bother getting your hopes up.
Whichever network acquires the rights will ultimately be disappointing anyway.

You should expect one precious live Thursday/Friday night game per week for about a month or so,
followed by a haphazard weekly schedule of tape-delayed broadcasts for the remainder of the season.

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Go to playon.tv and download their software onto your PC. It will be a one time cost of $45 US, but you will have it forever. You can get lots of channels including ESPN3. You don’t need a subscription to stream their feed. If you have a Wii, WD Live media streamer or the like, you can stream it to your tv and watch it like a regular television broadcast. Try it out.

This is not true about being on tape delay. They got as many live games as possible with the agreement being that they would not show games on NCAA saturdays or NFL sundays. The tape delays cam in the playoffs because they were on NFL sundays. Also one game scheuduled for a friday night had to be tape delayed due to a previous contract with the MLS to show playoff game on happend to interefere with one of the friday night games that were scheduled. Labor Day games, Thanks giving games and the scheduled friday games were all show live.
This season with time to prepare i would expect to see Friday Night football along with any other weeknight games scheduled into the programing around the MLS

Steve there were - "more games on tape delay than live" did you watch in the US? - Most of the Friday night games were live but the Saturday games were all tape delay. For the playoffs, the East semi game was tape delay shown at midnight and the West game was delayed by one hour!
The Grey Cup was live.
I haven't seen any stats for ratings, or any info that show NBC paid a fee for CFL football. The CFL may have paid NBC to show the games.

I tend to think it was a 'you pay the expenses of obtaining footage' deal. Which is fine...it lays ground work for a potential deal in the future if they get some viewership.

Hmm...good to know. I have seen various sites that offered such, but never knew if they were scams. Do you know if this work in Canada s well?

FYI...looks like lifetime is something the stopped doing a few years back, but are having a spring deal. Sone good comments here:

[url=http://technologizer.com/2010/05/04/the-problem-with-playons-subscription-model/]http://technologizer.com/2010/05/04/the ... ion-model/[/url]

There are a number of sites out there that broadcast games "illegally", we try not to list them on this site because TSN attempts to black them out. TSN or the CRTC must have people monitoring the internet and blacking them out. Strange thing is many of these sites are broadcasting NHL games, Euro soccer, NCAA football games at the same time and they don't get blacked out but it's likely that the CFL game will disappear and you get a message "you are not entitled to watch this and it's being removed"

Steve is right and that's not true Mike about more games being on tape delay than live, and also some time ago it was revealed that the CFL did get something from NBC for the coverage.

I've been on here three seasons going on four now posting at least one online link in the game thread to most games, and of course also I tracked games that were broadcast live in the US on cable this time around.

Mike I am in Florida (Tampa Bay area) too, and for crying out loud YOU DON'T NEED ESPN3 TO WATCH GAMES IN THE US! If you have Brighthouse for cable TV, you can if you want but I don't pay for it and still can get the games via the internet as are rebroadcast often from ESPN3.


ESPN is just trying to catch on after the fact when you can already can view games online via certain threads.

It's only a small few games that I could not get online, and only once do I remember one that really mattered any.

I know of a site that streams broadcasts of many sports, including CFL games, live. They do not archive so you have to watch it live and you get commercials and all. I'm not sure how the board would react to posting the link, but if anyone is interested PM and I'll send you the link. I used it last year to watch games when I was recording something during a broadcast and for Aussie football and National Rugby League.

Good idea with only PM's, and use discretion and wait until the game threads too.

Too much of a good thing will get us all what happened to many a US-based site back two years ago.

We are on a mission from God you know (or whatever if you are not into that), and the mission to get the CFL into more and more households must go on because millions especially in the US don't know what they are missing!

Don't do it for me or anyone! Do it for your country! :thup:

I am a patriot Paolo.

yes, you are right. That's why I responded to the poster who said "you can watch ESPN3" but I don't get ESPN3 and yes I do watch most games on the "illegal sites'
I have DirecTV satellite down here, so hopefully there will be more CFL games on NBCHD and hopefully more games "LIVE"
It's okay to watch on the internet but nicer to watch in HD.

In trying to get an idea of what games NBC sports network schedule might be here in the states. There two big TV deals are with MLS and NHL. NBC Sports Net deal includes no games on NFL sundays and NCAA saturdays.
During the summer NBCSN has a MLS game of the week on Saturdays. Once football starts in the Fall the MLS game of the week moves to a lot of Friday Nights. The NHL game of the week has been on wednesday nights.
So I would hope that NBCSN will show Friday Night Football broadcasts by TSN in the Summer so everyone knows when to expect the games and hopefully they will promote it as such during other programing.
As for the Fall who knows. hopefully any of the open fridays will have the CFL and any odd Thursday or tues game.
Should also be able to braodcast the Labor Day game as well as the friday night football and laso the the tues night game after Labor Day.
The key to getting fans in the US to watch will be to promote the game nights like they due with the NHL and MLS during other programing such as the MLS games.