Optional participation in 2021

Any thoughts on having only the teams in the league that can withstand a season WITHOUT fans in the stands?

What if just 6 teams participate instead of all 9.

Any thoughts on that?

It should be all or nothing.

Still a little early to decide one way or another.

It has to be all or nothing. It wouldn't be fair on the players on teams that can't play.

An pro rated part of the TSN deal would be less if not all 9 teams participated. I would think some sponsorship deals would he impacted too

Regardless of what's reported who is or who is not in favour, it will be all 9 teams playing or none at all.

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That's so true.

Would you follow the CFL without the major Canadian markets.

Inspite of apathy in the major Canadian markets, it's essential they are part of the CFL.

And what teams do you think can survive without fans in the stands?

I have heard via rumour that Montreal and Toronto are the teams that are balking at playing. My view is that the CFL goes ahead with a season and require all 9 teams to participate. Any team that refuses should have their franchise revoked, and ownership revert to the league, without compensation.

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No way

LOL yeah right!

Great idea . Just give my Cats the Cup right now and be done with it . :grinning: :trophy:

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there are zero teams that can do this.

I don't claim to know the legal workings of this, but I'm not sure you can proceed with only a fraction of teams participating

I dont see why not, but the claim that teams don't want to is ridiculous

Well, right now it looks like only the two MLSE Owned/run teams are trying to sabotage any efforts to have a season. so six or seven is fine by be.

I also would enjoy the 200 or so players or so signed by these two teams to sue the arz off MLSE.

What 2 teams are owned by MLSE and do you have ANY proof of that?

So if it's bad for 2-3 teams that can't play it has to be bad for all 9?

I don't understand that philosophy.

It's believed Toronto, BC and Montreal would have lost less money not playing than having short season.

In the return to play plan last year, there were 3 no votes. Likley those 3.

That doesn't mean they refused to play. They were exercising their vote, overall it passed. If the league did get the government funding last year, all 9 would have played.

I would still like to see a link to a reliable source

Even with Quebec health authorities allowing up to 2500 people as of June 28th. Alouette ownership refuses to confirm that they will participate in a 2021 season. Just more grey language.
Yada Yada Yada

I know eh?

"It's believed. . . "

Begs the question.

Believed by whom?

Alberta has announced today their opening up so the Eskimos and Stampeders should be OK. The Lions will probably have to wait for September and if the Canadians are putting a few fans in the stands then the Al’s might be OK. Maybe the league could schedule more away games for the teams who can’t open right away and hopefully as the season goes those teams will get more home games in. Not the fairest way to do things but might be the only alternative.