Optimist No More... Bring on the PLATOON

8) Good analysis TCTD, and you are right, 1 offensive touchdown in 5 games from a so called experienced CFL QB just does not cut it at all !!! At this point what do we have to lose by inserting Chang or even Williams to see if they can move this offence in the red zone !!! If they can't do it, then it looks like another wasted year rapidly approaching !!! What a pathetic thought for sure !!!

Don't get me wrong. In games 1 to 3 I was all for not putting blame on the QB.

However, I saw an o-line failing to provide an adequate pass block, no established running game and recievers who mis-ran routes, didn't get open and dropped balls.

In the last 2 weeks, these mistakes, save perhaps getting open, (4x3 TV doesn't show the whole picture of how recievers are running downfield) have most definitely been accounted for.

I know it is typical of casual fans to look to the QB first in pinning blame for shortcomings but considering all things and 23 regular season games, Maas may be the problem.

Bingo. It just takes some people a lot longer to admit it tho as well. I may sound like a QB only kinda guy but really its Maas. Even average Going gets this team wins the past 2 games. Its was that way many games last season too. Even average QB play last year and we would have been a playoff team

I just don't see this picture so many of you seem to see
of Jason standing in the pocket with plenty of time

ignoring several receivers who have gotten themselves
ridiculously open in the End Zone [or even inside the 20].

Good post.
I could not agree more.
No Maas.

You know what buggs me about you? With over 9400 posts you have probably already said everything that some on here might say.

Do you sleep?

Yes, I noticed that too. After every botched play, he throws his hands in the air, makes faces and says, "oh f*ck" or words to that effect. I'm sure it's unintentional but it sure looks like he's pointing fingers. And that public blow-up on the sidelines with Taafe sure looked good. He looked real calm and collected there didn't he? Must've been a real motivator for his team mates to see him lose it.

An Argo-Cat fan

f-me was the phrase of the night

I've always been a platoon fan .

We have repeated on these forums a thousand times how alot of us were here growing up in Hamilton when the Ti-Cats always platooned QB's.

It wasn't a slap in the face but rather a change of pace from one QB to the next.

It was exciting to watch and gave the fan renewed hope that we could win or hold onto a win.

It was exciting and
pleased both sides of fans and for sure it pleased team mates of the platoonees as well.

Why does it have to be seen as a negative when it is suggested or even used now,it's a slap in the face it seems .

I talked to my Dad about this a few weeks ago ,he's been a Ti-Cat fan back in the thirties and he beamed when remembering the Zuger and Cosentino "platooning" days of old!

It was better he said ,you always knew we could win with a change of QB styles ,it works and was exciting for him and I recall it as well.

But why does it have to be coated with negativity?(I ask naivly) :cowboy:

Platooning QB's, is only done when an inconsistency in performance is unable to be rectified. IOW, it's a patch job.

Actually, the 'Zuger and Cosentino' era is a classic example. Half the time the fans were ticked with Zugers performance, half the time they were ticked with Cosentino's. The coaches played eanie meanie minie moe to select the 'flavour of the day' each game. Had we had Ron Lancaster in camp, Zuger would have been punting and Cosentino would have been shopping around.

Hamilton didn't rectify the QB problem then because it would have cost them an additional $55. a week to retain a top quality QB. Our problem today is that there is nobody better available to spend money on.

some good tandems over recent years


not really so much platoons.hamilton hasn't really had that recently except marler at times and todd dillon use to come off the bench for kerrigan.

I think its time to give Chang some playing time. Maybe tell both QB's before the game so Maas won't get his nose out of joint because he thinks he getting pulled.
Chang isn't exactly a raw rookie, having been in NFL camps and played in NFLE.
I wouldn't put him in unless the Ticats were at least on their forty and have some well practiced plays to start with for his confidence sake. You have to learn to walk before you run.

or give Chang the start and see if he can gain control over the field, if he starts falling apart them make the swith at the half. I'm personally not on the Chang or Maas side but something needs to change in the way were approaching the game.

i have no problem giving chang the 1st qurater to see what he can do. it wouldn't hurt. but if i don't see anything above how i saw maas running the offence we can't screw around and maas needs back in. this game is way too important for our season.

Good examples Emms1

Damen Allen -Matt Dunigan- Tracy Hamm in Edmonton


Damn good ones there eh?

OK ...I'm going from memory when Matt Dunigan talked about it during the Thursday night TSN game

"To platoon" and "in tandem" are completely different.

Platooning simply alternates, while tandem identifies which/who comes first.

Quality QB tandems are a desirable commodity. Platooning QB's is not the most desirable situation.

I don't know that Chang could change the lack of success in the "red Zone" but after two seasons of trying I think that Maas has shown his ability or should I say inability to do the same. 0-5, who will Desjardins blame for that start??

(ronfromtigertown) Chang, chang, chang, chang, chang, chang Chang, chang, chang, chang of fools.
Ron, as a sometimes music lyricist, I advise you to keep your day job. :roll: :D