Optimist No More... Bring on the PLATOON

I can't think of any more reasons for optimism for this year. This year is toast. Its sad we had to showcase our team's amazing FG kicking because of a complete inability to score majors in the red zone. Discipline measures have not yielded results.

So good on Setta and great on Bauman in his debut but I really think that the team has to try some new things in the coming weeks. Defensively, we need better performance from the DBs and a consistent pass rush. Our returns on special teams could be better.

I really think it is time to at least PLATOON Maas and Chang to see who can really punch 'em in the redzone. The o-line gave time, the recievers were catching (I don't have HD so I couldn't say whether they were getting open)... this offense couldn't punch it in in short range. We have to see what Chang can do in the game. We have to see how he can do with the game still in reach and not just scraps at the end of the game.

If they don't think Chang is ready them they better find a QB because we will never win with Maas. He looks like a deer in headlights every time we get in the red zone.


Ya know what has always bugged me about Mass?
Even back in Edmonton, he screws up the play and the look in his eye says its the other guys fault!

I've been defending Maas, but I can't continue to do so.

Thank god the NFL season is around the corner.

Its not so much that Maas is a deer in headlights as that he seems to manage the game and then reach a point where his rage blows the passing game apart. That near INT at the goal line... tossing the ball at the Winnipeg bench staff... the underthrow on the draw-dump pass that would have surely been a TD... for a 'seasoned' vet he doesn't have much composure especially when the times get rough.

All I can think of when Maas goes crazy on the field is how calm Danny Mac was in the face of adversity and how once in a while, he'd pull a rabbit out of his hat. Even with old, slow, interception prone Danny Mac I felt as if the Cats had a chance. I feel like Maas is a ticking time bomb out there ready to lose control and the game in the 4th quarter. Thats without even mentioning the offenses lack of TD production.

Again, I don't know if the recievers were getting open. They definitely were on the mis-direction-screen-dump that he under threw. The o-line was fine in pass protection.

This season is over for Hamilton. Playoffs out of reach. Play Chang now or risk him flying the coop for another CFL club soon to get more playing time.

Maas, I like your competitiveness, but you have to score TD's to be the #1. You haven't done that. Good luck to you, wherever you end up next year.

After this game… I’m in the same boat. I was an optimist. I thought this team could turn it around and that the offense’s woes weren’t primarily the QBs fault. I still don’t think that he’s the sole reason for the lack of production but he’s definitely one of the biggest. I don’t think it has to do with his ability. I think he’s genuinely missing something mentally.

(joedavtav) I really think it is time to at least PLATOON Maas and Chang to see who can really punch 'em in the redzone.
I tend to agree. I definitely am not abour to bad mouth Jason Maas, but he looked pretty tired about mid way through the 4th quarter. Platooning the #1 and #@ QBS might just be the way to go.

The benefits would be:

  1. Maas wouldn't end up totally fatigued by the 4th quarter.

  2. Chang may already be the better QB and would throw a nice change up at the opposing defense.

  3. Chang will almost certainly be our future QB, so lets get him some more field time.

for a 'seasoned' vet he (Maas) doesn't have much composure especially when the times get rough
I was thinking the same thing tonight. The tougher the situation gets, the worse Maas plays. I don't think he can handle the pressure.
without even mentioning the offenses lack of TD production.
...ok, I'll mention it, we need to score TDs! This is getting ridiculous.

Me too. At 0-5, 'tis time to make a change.

Just so you will know, Ticat fans,
Charlie Taaffe is an expert on
bringing young quarterbacks along.

He proved it in college and in the pros
with Anthony Calvillo in Montreal.

Trust him to do the right thing.

Timmy understands his role now.

I heard him singing this mournful song.

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But I found out I'm just a link in your chain

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Theoretically they can still go 13-5. :thup:

Next opponents are Winnipeg, Montreal and Edmonton; no reason why the cats can't beat them.

I will preface this post by stating that Jason Maas is a competitioner with a good work ethic and that he is the only quarterback on the Ticat team with experience and a past history of CFL success.

Having said that, the Ticat coaching staff faces a dilemma at the quarterback position.

At the five game mark of the 2007 CFL season, here are Maas' stats:

81 completions/136 attempts, 59.6% completion rate, 964 yards, 2 TDs, 5 interceptions, 70.8 quarterback rating

Projected over an 18 game season, his stats would be:

292 completions/490 attempts, 59.6% completion rate, 3470 yards, 7 TDs, 18 interceptions, 70.8 quarterback rating

Despite extensive changes in the Ticat coaching staff and the receiving corps, Maas' 2007 numbers are eerily similar to his stats from 2006:

298 completions/464 attempts, 61.6% completion rate, 3204 yards, 8 TDs, 17 interceptions, 71.8 quarterback rating

While it is apparent over the past couple of games that Maas is able to move the team quite well in the middle of the field, he has only generated one red zone touchdown in the first five games of 2007.

Timmy Chang and Richie Williams are still both basically unknown commodities in regular season CFL action. Both have shown occasional flashes of brilliance mixed with inexperience. With the 2007 season slipping away from the Ticats, perhaps it is time to see whether either one of them can help this team generate some touchdowns in the red zone.

Agreed. But keep Maas around, he did have some stellar success with Edmonton coming on in relief.

Indeed Maas is our only QB with a sizeable pro experience and success in the past but as I mentioned before, 1 and a half years in Hamilton and this inability to crack a TD coupled with an apparent inability to keep composed in tough situations has me thinking we need to look at Chang. Yes Chang is an unproven commodity but he's played a pass-happy system in college and has shown flashes of brilliance in his time on the field.

I think the best way to reconcile these arguments for playing Maas vs. Chang is to begin to purposely platoon them in series throughout the first half so we can really gain a measure for who carries this team the best.

What became of the pre-planned play of Chang in a series or two of the 2nd quarter!?

I'd say but more than one person has been banned for telling the truth

And if in platooning we find that Maas is our best bet... well we have an even longer season to look forward to.

But at least we'll have time to plan for the future