Optimism Abounds...

After an emotionally exhausting game and a good sleep I think I have finally come back down to earth and have had a few moments to think about the future of our beloved Tiger Cats.

With the truly outstanding job our president, G.M. and coaches have done we can have a justifiable reason to hope for even more success in the coming years. Our staff assembled and molded a talented and diverse group of rookies and veterans alike to create a team that never knows the meaning of the word quit.

Think about the progress during this season with regards to players like Cobb, Stala, Bruce, McDaniel, Glenn, Knowlton, Floyd, Johnson, McIntyre, Hickman, etc, etc. We have a serious group of core players that will be contenders for a long time.

Fans should be encouraged to come out to IWS for all home games after being so completely entertained on Sunday. Our home record was very impressive this year. All this bodes well for attendance next season.

For the first time in a very long time we as die hard fans can expect a lot of success both on and off the field with the current staff and players that have made us so proud to be a part of TiCat nation!

It feels great knowing that we can look forward to better things to come after already taking huge strides this season.

Optimism is a great feeling...