Opt out clauses for Head Coaches

Do you guys think it is imperative that CFL teams allow the HC an opt out clause for the NFL?

These contracts are guaranteed. Why should a team provide opt out clauses?

Perhaps such a clause should include “if you want out you must pay out the balance owing to the team you are leaving”

Nope. They already do. So not very imperative at all.

Perhaps such a clause should include "if you want out you must pay out the balance owing to the team you are leaving"
I would rather their CFL team get a portion if they sign a NFL contract.

Which contracts?

I would like to see teams retain the player’s signing rights if the NFL doesn’t work. Have the rights extend to duration of contract they’re opting out of.

However I can’t see the PA being pleased with that so possibly a non-starter

CFL HC contracts are guaranteed in that if the coach is fired they must be paid out if the individual remains out of work.

Is this thread only about coaching/front office opt outs as opposed to players? Players opt outs are obviously governed by the CBA.

Can the league dictacte these for front offices? If they can put a cap on then I don’t think it can be ruled out.

Yes I was intending the opt out question to be aimed at CFL HCs.

Does any other major league have this option for HCs ? If not then it it easy to see why the CFL is deemed bush league. If we want to be taken seriously, we have to act seriously. Letting HCs walk because we are trying to be nicey-nice is BS. Same with players.

‘It is what it is’ is not a good enough response and is just another lame ass excuse.

I think all other major leagues allow their coaches to quit if they find a better job in another company.

So a coach in the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB can just quit at the end of a season if somebody else tickles his fancy. I never knew that because I never hear of it. If so, the difference with our league is we have to compete with the goliath NFL and we need to protect ourselves. Just another reason I think we should cut down hiring coaches who only have eyes for the NFL anyway.

Every year the turnstile starts spinning and we lose players and coaches and every year we keep hiring more Amers back. Is it any wonder people think we are a farm league ?

Perception is the key reason for the struggling of the CFL. Ask any Canadian NFL fan.

We have a far better game. Let’s use that fact.

I am just a fan that is getting tired of it and the situation seems to be getting worse. We need to stop the drain.

I’m with you on targeting more coaches and players (i.e. Canadians) who will stick around and further develop our league.

But the league’s employees are not indentured servants. Like the rest of us, they’re allowed to quit and seek other employment. Players can’t do that and jump to the NFL because the NFL has agreed to respect CFL contracts, but they can quit anytime and start a new career.

Of course, we don’t see coaches in the very top leagues quit and move to other leagues or businesses because the money they make where they’re at is difficult to match or exceed elsewhere.

Pls give this a break…1st the majority of the coach’s / players are American ; plus the majority are from the south. Also both games are very different … NFL game requires a lot of clock management whereas in the CFL the play clock stops…The reason why players return to the CFL is because they’re not good enough or they have the CFL security. Furthermore, has anyone in these forums mention the fact that each year more & more OL / DL players from Canadian universities are bein g recruited and signed by NFL teams (of course not)…Betts from University of LAVAL will be drafted play in the NFL plus he will be just as dominant as Hicks from University of SASK.

Ok, this sounds like a 'it is what it is ’ type of argument.
And yes someone has mentioned there are a few CDNs playing down there but there aren’t fifty, there are maybe ten. Also, will any of them leave their team to play up here? NO ! They will comeback when cut and not signed.
According to your post the NFL is not only giving us the players they don’t want, they are also taking our best away at the same time.

Lessen the import ratio and those spots available become more attractive and harder to come by. We have to stop the revolving door mentality.

When I was younger, players stayed on a team unless traded. When you bought their jersey, it was for quite a few years it was pertinent, not months.

The drain hurts image and revenue and stability.

Not a fan of holding someone back from opportunity…clause or not.

“Who cares” just win.

Then the Redblacks deny Riders permission to interview Elizondo for HC, possibly denying him an opportunity to advance his career.

Like NTC/NMC in NHL player contracts, opt-out for coaches are a “value” that can reduce the salary that needs to be paid.

NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL don’t need opt-out for HCs there is no more financially lucrative league to which they could move … most leagues have, or should have, policies on the circumstances where an coach but a HC can leave for a “better job”, unless not being allowed is specifically negotiated into their contract … even NCAA HCs have opt-out clauses, although because it is in the same “league” there is often a buyout.

If CFL did not allow HCs opt-out clauses and NEVER allowed assistants/coordinators to move then it would become more difficult, and costly, to recruit them.

David William Naylor

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The @sskroughriders requested to interview Ottawa OC Jamie Elizondo for vacant HC position but permission denied. Elizondo previously interviewed for openings in B.C. and Tor in December, so issue appears to have been the calendar. #CFL #Riders
4:48 PM - Jan 19, 2019

That it is mid-January is IMO a very good reason to deny permission as most coaches have already accepted positions for next season … that he was permitted to interview back in December shows the Communist-African-Americans are not opposed to allowing coord9inators and assistants to improve their lot … just not after it would be practical to replace him … teams can only be so accommodating

P.S. - As an Als fan in Ottawa I have no love for the Communist-African-Americans

Is that really needed?

I know what you are doing Joe and your comment here shows you don’t get what I mean. I don’t go looking for mistakes and problems and then speculate the worst case scenarios like you and Lyle do.

I see a real problem that is affecting our league and I am offering a solution I think can fix it.

There is a big difference.

Have a nice day !