Opt-out clause-Players

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, starting next Monday CFL players can opt out of their contracts; still, according to Tom, veterans that will opt out will receive a $6,600.00 stipend. The ones that won't will receive more.

I have an idea of some Alouettes players that may decide to opt out, but before listing them I will wait confirmation from the League that such information is exact.


Kind of late for the releases when NFL rosters are nearly set. Any CFL player that joins an NFL team will just be camp body in case of pandemic cases run wild and we all know that is going to happen. See MLB playing without a bubble plan.

The NFL season will begin September 10,2020; presently, the rosters are definitely not set; furthermore, I do think that the practice rosters have been expanded by 6 players. These players are paid close to $9,000 US a week. Not bad!


Too little too late for CFL player that are opting out. They are set. NFL concentrate the players they develop and drafted. The former CFL players won't get a fair shot with the NFL teams.

The Raiders cut Stanback, Zylstra is trying to hook up with Carolina after getting cut by them earlier. Lauther opted out of a secured contract with the Riders without any tryout offers towards him. Farjardo and B-L Mitchell have not opted out because they know they have security and there will be a 2021 season next year

I predict no quarterback will be making +600k if there is a 2021 season.

As I wrote before, CFL players who opt-out of their contracts hope to make the practice rosters. These rosters will have 16 players in 2020, compared to 10 in 2019. A rookie on practice roster will make $8,400.US a week or close to $11,000. Canadian. Worth the try.

I am in agreement that, for the next seasons, QB's earning up to $750,000.00 in CFL won't exist; to me, no player should be making much more than roughly 10% of the approved max. cap. Would have been roughly $525,000.00 in 2020.


Vernon Adams opts out

Guess you can't blame him.

I'm sure he'll nab a PR spot in the NFL. John Gruden would love this guy. Ravens will take a peek too I imagine.

I'm sorry to see this happen.

Et d'un claquement de doigt, tout est à refaire.

NFL camps have already started.
Not sure where he would end up now.
And if he does, 3 rd string maybe?

Not surprised, given how he was negative against the CFL and its Leaders for the past months, despite the fact that he did received a signing bonus in the vicinity of $180,000 early in 2020. I wrote, at that time, that he was not worth the contract he was given.

Wish him the best, but I wish that another QB will be in command in 2021 and beyond.

With a practice roster of 16 players, he could definitely make it.


Do not blame him one bit.
Nor any other player that have or may Decide to opt out.

Not if the CFL goes the NHL model of revenue sharing and increase of the player salary cap

Oh well, there goes Adams. If he comes back, the Als should renegotiate his deal.

He'll be back. Why should there be a renegotiation of the contract between the team and player? It was negotiated in good faith and must be adhered to by both sides of the parties involved.

Yes, but Adams is walking away from his contract. The Als don't have to welcome him back on the same terms.

If the Alouettes walk away from Adams, they better have a better replacement for him. He was a breakout star in the CFL. The ALs were lucky to have him when the team went all in the Johnny Manziel fiasco

While Vernon Adams Jr. has nothing to lose, if he decided to opt-out he must have an idea/know which team is interested. I say that Seattle is a possibility; another team could be Chicago. No matter the team, it will be as a practice roster player.

We will know soon, since NFL teams have to reduce their roster to 53 by 16:00 hours this Saturday; players on practice rosters could be added 24 hours later.


Adams's agent must've had something lined up for him the past few weeks. I think Adams might stick with a NFL team, he's young enough