Opron owed 2.7 million , McGill...Stadium Expansion dead?

Stadium expansions were scheduled to start in November but McGill still hasn't given a go ahead to the project and I read that they will not do so until the Als pay for the 2.7 million dollars or the bill is resolved one way or another.

It has been five years and the money is still owed. McGill is refusing to pay and the Als are trying to get the University to pay for it and then have it charged back to the Alouettes as a leasehold improvement.

It is the end of September and nothing is resolved yet.
Dosen't look good...

If this keeps up we won’t need any more seats. That game was really boring. I’m not that interested in spending my money to watch that garbage.

I don't blame you paying 108.00 a ticket to see a safety and a rouge is a bit steep....but then again where else are you going to see a mascot bounce on its head :slight_smile:

Come to think of it for 108.00 the fans should be allowed to take turns bouncing Popp on his head even if it does mess up his hair.

:cowboy: [i]I have a few portraits of various players being exhibited around this country, and I could donate one. Maybe a bid on ebay or a silent auction?

Don’t think you’ll get $1M for any of my work this century, but the framing has got to be worth something!

You all know what academic bureaucrats from this province are like!We should be finished this battle by November, what say we all get together and have an old fashion barn raising event...only we'll make it seat raising. (Lasagna on me!)McGill will be long gone on Christmas break by then anyway!


Montreal has been spoiled, but as soon as they lose a few games you guys are ready to stop supporting the team and go back to the crapy Habs.

Do you have a link to back that up or are you just here to troll?

I'm sure McGill is going to say no to 10 Million dollars of free renovation money to their stadium.....
Ya that makes real sense

If you want a article to back it up Ro you can ask without suggesting I'm a troll. With 10 500 or so posts you should know what a troll is. It certainly does not apply to me. Everything here is facts and I have left out stuff I've heard that is quite a bit more interesting because I don't have proof yet...

Here is your link Mr. Troll police LOL!


:cowboy: WaterDownArgos - I concur, Montreal has been spoiled…on so many levels. That said however, there doesn’t seem to be much gratitude, and this city lacks greatly in faith, loyalty, and commitment. Instant gratification is now our mindset, which as you can see, breeds ignorance. I agree with Ro1313 and further quote, Pr1111, (to remind myself as well!).
HFxTC Troll – as in “fishing?. It’s great to see a cause raised with such enthusiasm! Have you included McGill or Al’s Admin on this advice? (or maybe you are coming from there?) If your reporting is without representation and succession planning, then it will not effect this sad situation, only spread pessimism to a team struggling for confidence. Your audience needs to know how to participate for the greater good.
SiCard Have we stopped filling the home games this year?

I am sorry HfxTC
I dont know whos name I read when I read this thread but I did not realise it was you. Had I read it properly, there is no way I would have called you a troll.

Sorry! :oops:

Not a problem ! :wink: