Opposing teams banned from Commonwealth Stadium in advance

Is it just me or does anyone else out there who is not from Edmonton think it is total BS that while the home team is allowed in the stadium days in advance, opposing teams are kept completely away until the day of the game.

This give the Esks a major advantage because they know the field conditions and can adjust accordingly with thier footwear.

This nonsense has been going on for year, in fact decades.

When is the league going to "even the playing field"?

It is called home field advantage , and doesn’t happen in the play offs.

I was not awaire of that but are you sure it does not apply to other stadiums as well?

BigDog, are you saying how Edmonton always gets a bye at the end of the season and gets home field advantage???

if so:

  1. That because of the unbalanced schedule, that that will change after adding a team in the East which the CFL is actively prosuting.

  2. They are a good team with a good recond and they get home field advantage in a 9 team league. It's that simple.

KK, that's not even close to what he's saying.....

just saw a funny clip on the ctv news that had to do with just this topic. It showed all the riders on the Track around the field in their street clothes from today. One of the riders was standing with his toes just on the edge of the track, and somebody else came up behind him and kind of puched him forwrd but held him back, you know the whole saved your life trick, The whole team thought it was pretty funny, as did I.

The main problem with teams not being able to practice is footware. Players do not get as much time on the field to try out different cleats and such, they only get the day of to do it.

But whatever, I know if I had a turf field I would probably do the same thing.

is this going back to that whole Edmonton turf issue???

When do you expect them to flood the rink.......i mean water the field.

Just to let you know, The Eskimos aren't allowed on it either.

Only sometimes, I think they've only practised in Commonwealth 3 times this whole season. They practise on the field outside Commonwealth, pretty sure..

ur right EsksTMac, they have a seperate practice field to keep the grass in the best condition possible, or else it would get ripped up pretty bad...other teams are allowed on it whenever the esks are....

actually they have only practiced on commonwealth once this year and that was due to a scheduling conflict on the practice field and clark park.The eskimos advantage is due to the fact they play on the field more time during the season not because they practice on it.

Man, it's such a joke isn't it. They can't practice on it, can't walk on it before games for fear of ripping it up! What's next, asking players not to run too fast cuz it might damage it.

Anyway, expect to see a lot of slipping and sliding.

May the best team.....er I mean the team with the best footware.....win!

i dont see why it's a joke....they are keeping in it good maintainance (sp?)...i've seen grass fields that are played on frequently, and they are hell to play on. IMO, having turf is a joke, cuz a good grass field is the best to play on, and less injuries. it's home-field advantage, there's nothing wrong with it

By the way, I was amazed at how clean that field is. This must be the only professional surface I have ever seen without sponsors logos all over it. I never noticed that when watching the games on TV.

^^^ I like the fact that there aren't big tacky ads puked all over the field, too.