Opportunity for Gades

Well the Argo seemed to own the Als tonight...

Makes for an exciting scenario.

If you ask me, we are starting to see the slow, but not without a fight, end of the Alouettes domination of the eastern division.

Montreal has not really done a whole lot (possibly yet... who knows) this season. Ottawa has played them tough (including preseason) and the Als now have started to struggle vs team it used to walk over.

I think that Montreal is on it's way down this year...

The thing is, will the Ottawa Renegades play a part in helping this happen? And at worst case, can the Gades take advantage of this!

I was looking at the Gates sched. They play the Tcats 3 times... This is huge. They will make the playoffs this year if they can take that series.

And now with the Als is bad shape hopefully the Gades are licking thier chops. A big message could be sent to the league if they can beat the Riders. BTW - nows the time if you want to steal a game in Rigina. The Riders are super banged but.

ur write the alouettes are strugellling and maby on ther way out but i think right know its a confidence problem so one big win could have them guning again but ottawa should take advatage and jump up in front of montreal to have the coachs re think there whole structure and maybe they will never recover and ottawa can sneak into the playoffs

agreed, its time for the gades to strike, Sask is a very banged up team right now, if they want to make the playoffs, and are really a playoff type team, then thet must show up and beat this Rider team, in Regina no less.

I thought for sure the ALs would have been stronger after the loss to us (BB) but I guess I was wrong. I am rooting for the 'gades for a home playoff game. But please do me a favour and kick Sasks butt......

If Ottawa can beat the Riders, I'm prepared to say that they are real.

I mean with the exception of about 4-5 quarters of football in the last 4 games the Gades have been somewhat impressiving considering what we were all expecting...

Just think what are moral victory it would be for Coach Joe, his players and the whole organization including of course the Gliebermans - if they hosted a play off game here at home.

opportunity achieved