Opportunity at Downsview for the Argos


I posted this in the Friends of the Argonauts forum, but I thought I'd throw it out on the CFL forums to and get some feedback.

A couple of recent events led me to think about the stadium again.

  1. So maybe it's just me hearing what I want to hear, but from the sounds of Senator Braley's most recent radio interview (http://www.fan590.com/ondemand/media.js ... 93516_1580), he seems decidedly less enthusiastic about the Rogers Centre as a permanent home for the Argos. He said it had potential for a "long term" home, but then threw out numbers like "5,10,15 years", which is not all that long given the way time is measured in Argoland.

  2. An article in the Star today mentioned the plan that several levels of government have for Downsview Park: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article ... e-gta?bn=1

  3. The Downsview Park website has a sketch of the site plans and a pdf with an executive summary, sketch: http://www.downsviewpark.ca/eng/illustrations.shtml; pdf: http://www.downsviewpark.ca/media/PDPCo ... _FINAL.pdf

It seems that the north end of Downsview is supposed to become an even bigger transit hub than I thought. It will have a large GO station as well as a new TTC subway station. The area around the hub, known as the "Chesswood Neighbourhood" is going to be zoned for a mixed-use commercial and recreational area.

How awesome would it be to have an intimate football/soccer stadium right beside that hub, for the Argos and York University, with a retail/commercial component to make gameday a great experience?

Also, here's an article that's a few months old (http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article ... al-mindset), but it talks about how plans to redevelope the park have hit a few snags due to a lack of funds and lack of leadership, particularly at the federal level. Could David Braley be the man to get things moving? Even if he takes off his senator cap (which he should probably do, to avoid a conflict of interest) Braley is a guy who can get government moving on big projects. Could he coordinate the right developers, inject the right amount of private funding, and shake the right hands at the municipal and federal levels, to get shovels in the ground at that Chesswood neighbourhood?

I have no idea what Braley or Bob Nicholson would think of playing at Downsview, but it'd be great to sit down and talk to them about it.

At this point I have no idea what the future of the CFL is in southern Ontario. They seem to have very few friends for whatever reason and unless the league gets some help I don’t if there is a future for them there.

I think it would be fantastic if whomever is looking to have a stadium included that would be for the Argos and soccer etc. there, seems like an excellent location. Always wondered about Downsview and all that land.

Would be an excellent location. Would like to see another GO Train route added Going from the Airport to the East end though. I never understood why all GO Trains go into Union. Other major international cities have two or three main train stations.