Opponents in body bags?

Josh Smith's blog post in Blogskee Wee Wee (copied in 3DownNation.com) makes the above statement about the Ticats linebackers anticipated play this year.

Yes, I know that football is a violent sport, but it is still a sport. Players and coaches shake hands at the end of games - well, except for Chris Jones :stuck_out_tongue: .
Personally, I find such a remark unnecessary and quite neanderthal in 2015.

I guess Mr. Jones doesn't view the motorcade bringing home Canada's war dead along the Highway of Heroes. He might not make such a flippant comment again.

They need an editor.

I've been told that this is the "theme" that the players picked last year.

A little hyperbolic don't you think? It's a phrase that has been used for decades. I agree it should be removed from the vocabulary as they did with things like the throat slash. That use to be acceptable and now gets you a fine, but to reference the repats is a bit of a stretch.

Takes time to purge this kind of thing.

It is only a saying. People are getting waaaay to sensitive nowadays.

Yes I agree, WAY too sensitive. This is all football hype and stuff you expect this time of year from players.

I think it's sick that anyone would link this to our soldiers coming home in body bags...... :thdn:

I think it's sick that anyone would link playing a sport to killing someone. :thdn:

And for those saying I'm being too sensitive, please advise of any situation where a body bag is used other than to transport the bodies of dead people.
Perhaps the reference should be softened to "crippling" opponents. That would be much better. :roll:

So you have never said, "...you do that again and I'll kill you..." or something like that to someone who pissed you off? Doesn't mean you're going to kill them, it's just an expression. I'm guessing you are unfamiliar with the meaning of a metaphor. Phrases are often used in metaphoric ways in sports. Football is a violent sport so people are going to use violent metaphors, but you are exploiting the repatriation of soldiers to make a point which I find far more offensive than the body bag comment.

Dial it in a bit. We can deal with the language without all the rhetoric and hyperbole.

I haven't used the phrase you suggest since I passed puberty.

Very well, while I won't change my opinion on this matter, I will not continue with the metaphor I used, since it seems to bring this matter too close to reality for several here.

My final point will be: who dealt in hyperbole here? Me or the author (or the Ti-cats linebackers as challenger99 suggests)?

And who's reality are you talking about; the reality of vets who were over there and experienced it first hand, or your reality of a loudmouthed bleeding heart liberal who's only experience is what he sees on TV. How many repats have you personally attended? I'll bet just the 5 I was at in theatre top your personal experience so I think I have every right to get upset when you tread "too close to reality".

LOTS of things that were "only sayings" have been expunged or at least are accepted as inappropriate.
This is another.

I think the move to BMO Field will be great for Argo fans. All those years of sitting in a Giant Retractable Concrete Entertainment Complex have softened them up. A bit of time in real outdoor stands should clear their minds and make them a little less sensitive.

Also, I'd like to add that we should not call it a "blitz" when a defence rushes extra players. That is highly insensitive to our British brethren who had to endure bombardments during WWII. And don't get me started about "long bombs."

OK, now that I've had my fun at the Argo fan's expense, here's an article that supports his view:

NFL Getting Away From Use of Military Metaphors to Describe Football

Thank you for your service.

It's been happening in all sports since 2001. Players/coachs rarely use phrases like "going to war" to describe games anymore, but it takes time to purge the vocabulary because not all terms will be removed. The body bag comment yes, but I see no need to stop using battle or fight.

I would like to see the league step in here with a clarification of what is acceptable but no further than that.

Rather Ironic that this Ad featuring the Argos would be pulled because it was deemed as too offensive and was suggested as promoting spousal abuse by a city Councillor....... :roll: Political correctness run a muck as usual :thdn:

[url=http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/argonauts-pull-controversial-hurt-people-ad-1.666507]http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/argonauts-pul ... d-1.666507[/url]


OK now that is grossly offensive. Not the poster, the fact that they pulled it. I would never have associated that with spousal abuse.

Tiddly-winks anyone?

You people are pansies... "Body bags", "going to war"? etc... It's Football, not soccer or badminton. It's worth some merit to be talked about viciously. To associate it with actual war and killing is a gross stretch and quite frankly immature by trying to stir a pot that doesn't even exist.

I don't know what it is but I think the generation that's between 28-38 (roughly) living right now are the complainers... Everyone younger and older aren't quite as soft or sensitive (embarrassingly so)... At least from the people I know, anyways. What happened to you guys? Was it that you lived throughout the whole 90's era or something? (I was born '92). :lol:

Gardeners everywhere offended by your use of the term "pansies" :lol: :lol: :lol:

The gay community is threatening a boycott of Eskimo games because of it. Not to mention the real Eskimo community themselves. :wink:

Hahaha another ridiculous thing... A very small minority of people having trouble with the name "Redskins" and an even smaller minority with "Eskimos"... Here's the actual logic in being offended. If there is something someone says, whether it'd be racist, sexist, rude, crude, mean, etc... YOU as a SINGLE PERSON choose to be offended. It's not the other person's fault that you're offended. You make the choice to be offended, and that's just it, YOU CHOOSE to be offended or not. Hence why I have no sympathy for crybabies and whiners about certain terms, words, phrases, names, and anything else offensive. You can just IGNORE it if you want and choose NOT TO BE OFFENDED. The point really hits home when team names such as described above aren't meant to be offensive but instead celebratory and proud. It would be different if these teams were perhaps new? But even then... you choose to be or not to be. The fact they have long detailed and great histories completely trumps the very few over-sensitive, ignorant people's "feelings". :thup: