Opponents combined record...

These don't really mean crap to me, but Hellothere was saying something about TO having a harder schedule up to now then Edmonton, so I thought I would figure it out. (plus ro says us rider fans have to make more intelligent posts that don't declare us as gods :lol: not sure if this qualifies as one)
I really don't think these stats don't mean much, since Hamilton doesn't play themselves so of course they have a harder schedule, And vice versa for the top teams.

But anyways here it is
(numbers after teams means the number of times they have played them)

BC played 13 games:
Ssk (2), Edm (2), Cal (2), Tor(2), Mtl(1), Ott (2), Ham (2)
all with a combined record of 85-92.

Sask played 14 games:
BC (2), Edm (1), Cal (1), Wpg(3), Tor(2), Mtl (1), Ott (2), Ham (2)
combined record: 88-101

Edm 14 games
BC(2), Sask (1), Cal (2), Wpg (2), TO (1), Mtl (2), Ott (2), Ham (2)
90 - 99

Calgary 14 games
BC 2, Ssk 1, Edm 2, Wpg 2, Tor 2, Mtl 2, Ott 2, Ham 1

Wpg 14 games
Ssk 3, Edm 2, Cal 2, Tor 1, Mtl 2, Ott 2, Ham 2

Toronto 13 games
BC 2, Ssk 2, Edm 1, Cal 2, Mtl 2, Ott 1, Ham 2

Montreal 13 games
BC 1, Sask 1, Edm 2, Cal 2, Wpg 2, Tor 2, Ott 2, Ham 1

Ottawa 14 games
BC 2, Sask 2, Edm 2, Cal 2, Wpg 2, Tor 1, Mtl 2, Ham 1

Hamilton 13 games
BC 2, Sask 2, Edm 2, Cal 1, Wpg 2, Tor 2, Mtl 1, Ott 1

I Honestly don't know what any of this proves, but someone might find it interesting.
And as for Hellothere's claim that Edmontons schedule has been easierthen TO's , I think they have been pretty even just by looking at the teams they have played.

Actually I think that this is a good point, the unbalanced schedule.
As I have mentioned before that it makes the crossover unfair because lets say Hamilton was playing better and they ended up 2 points better that say 3rd place Sask and would cross over. It would not be fair because Sask played BC 3 times and Hamilton only twice.

On the other hand in the east, lets say Hamilton was playing worst. Toronto could finish 2 point ahead of Montreal because they played Hamilton 3 times and Montreal only played them twice.

The point is that the schedule can make a difference

It might be unfair, but hey, since when has anything else been fair in the CFL? Living in Sask we have gotten pretty used to that by now...

And how have the football gods treated Sask unfairly ?