I have been talking about this kind of thing for years, and I'd like your opinions on it as well. The CFL hall of fame is just that.....Canadian! But the Football hall of fame where I live in Ohio is named the "Pro Football Hall of Fame" Not the nfl hall of fame. I've only been there once (many years ago) and can't remember if they represented any "other" pro. leagues.

But...Because of it's name I think they should, AND....They should enshrine players from those leagues outside the nfl. The CFL hall of fame doesn't have to simply because of their name, but the "Pro Football Hall of Fame" IMHO should have to because of their name.


[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=1&nid=7301]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 1&nid=7301[/url]

If you are right:
I dont think they should have to. It would be considerate and respectfull of them but...

Its kinda the same as the "World Series" for baseball. Its called World Series but its for 1 NA league.

Geo, I think you make a lot of sense, but I dont think it will change.

for what it worth the Hockey Hall of Fame has of late started to add lots of people from Europe in an effort to get a more worldly view on hockey.......so I can't see why not...............not going to happen ..........but I cant' see why not

i think that they should include players from the CFL. but if they dont intend it to be used like that, then they should change the name to the NFL hall of fame.

I was actually going to send an e-mail to Peter King and Paul Zimmerman aka Dr. Z, two of the hall of fame voters, asking them there opinion on this and whether or not guys like Damon Allen, Mike Pringle, Doug Flutie, and Goerge Reed deserve to be enshrined.

Yet another example of how pro football does not equal the NFL ... I'm sick of "pro football" only meaning the NFL. No other sports league that I can think of does this. For example, the HHOF acknowledges international achievements - it is the HOCKEY hall of fame, not the NHL hall of fame. Most football books I see are called "Pro Football something-or-other", but only reference the NFL. I agree exactly with what you say, drumming_god ... but the NFL will never change it's HOF name to the NFL HOF, just because, well, they figure they're too good for that. But it really, really is time for Americans to realize that although the NFL is exclusively pro football, pro football is not exclusively the NFL. Just like I'd wish they'd stop calling the Superbowl Champions the World Champions ... Come ON USA, realize that yours are NOT the only sports leagues in the world!
PS: Damon Allen will likely break Warren Moon's record for all-time passing yardage ... since he is a pro, does he not deserve to be entered into the PRO football hall of fame? But will he be? No, because he didn't play in the NFL. It's stupid.

Kind of like the US Baseball's World Series. They didnt play the Japanese or the Cubans.

It is like watching CNN when somebody is interviewed in the US and they make a statement that they want to "tell the world".

And there was a league, the WHA, that was just NA.

I to think it's stupid and arrogant for the NFL to consider themselves the world. And yes it should be the NFL hall of fame.
I got into the discussion about the Superbowl champs not being "World Champs" last year on a non- football forum(motorcycle forum) I belong to . And the majority are American on there , but plenty of international members too. And a few of the American guy's areed with me that the NFL is not a World Champ league , but a whole bunch were as arrogant as could be and made fun of who ever else might try beating the Patriots so yes they are WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!!! as far as they're concerned.

We all agree the it is the NFL hall.

they should ch age it to the NFL or American football hall of fame and that should be it.

only really ture world leagues was the WFL and the WLAF.

Just to correct something: It is not the "CFL Hall of Fame"...but the "Canadian Football Hall of Fame," encompassing all football north of the border, including the CIS and junior varieties. Most people are unaware of this, because the vast majority of its inductees are from the Canadian Football League.

I believe the "Pro Football Hall of Fame" is intended to include other US-based pro leagues such as the USFL and WFL, and technically even the XFL, I guess. Naturally, now that these leagues are extinct, there is not likely to be a great number of inductees coming from there, but my understanding is that the intention has always been that the word "Pro" is meant to exclude amateur football, not to include all professional football. The name is misleading, and maybe it should be changed, but this doesn't really bother me that much.

Still, unless I'm mistaken, Warren Moon's CFL stats will be included with his bio when he is inducted later this year. That's pretty cool.

Good info...Thanks Big Dave.

I agree should change it to the NFL Hall of Fame

The NFL is actually not officially tied to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Both are different entities, but because of the nature of both businesses, they work very closely. They hold a Hall of Fame Game each year and the league gives some extra money to generate revenues for the shrine, but that is the extent of things. The HOF sets its own criteria. The NFL has no say on who gets inducted, who qualifies, etc... I am glad that the Pro Football Hall of Fame does not have more to do with the CFL. It would kill the Canadian Football HOF in Hamilton, and it is a gem. I ask all of you who live in Southern Ontario, or visiting S. O. to stop in Hamilton, drop a little extra in the donation box and enjoy. It doesn't have the glitz of the Hockey HOF, but I like it.

For sure long time fan. I live in Hamilton and pop down to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum a few times a year, check out stuff in the store there and sometimes stroll through it. Not many people there usually, not as glitzy as the hockey one for sure, sometimes you are the only one, which is kinda of neat in one way. And you can request them to put on a video of a previous GC and you can watch it all alone. Again sort of neat.

But what Hamilton should do if we are going to get a new stadium one day, and there is some talk of this here, is incorporate physically the HOFM as part of the new stadium. This would be fantastic and get lots more people to see this part of our great Canadian heritage with football.

Forgot to add that I don't have a problem with the Americans just calling it Pro Football Hall of Fame. I think us and the rest of the world know that Americans really mean no disrespect to other nations with this sort of thing that happens all the time, just sort of the way Americans grow up not really knowing a lot about other countries other than their own. We all like to get a laugh out of this here in Canada I think, I do anyways ie. seeing American cars with skiis on them in the middle of summer here in southern Ontario.


All of you need to stop your goddamn whining ... The NFL does not care about what the CFL fans think of THEIR hall of fame ...

Its not like any of you would be driving or flying to Canton Ohio to see a CFL shrine anyways ... that would be the dumbest place on earth to put any CFL hall of famer ...

All this whining about anything and everything the NFL does or doesnt do, makes the CFL and its fans look pathetic ... and who would I be to argue? It IS pathetic.


I think what Statik is saying is no need to discuss this. And he is right, that is what I was trying to say previously.
We should remember that Canada is nothing but a blip on the map to the US in most respects, sort of a northern state if you will at the very best, more like an annoying neighbour much of the time that is just sort of tolerated. We don't mean that much except on a few issues like softwood lumber, freshwater access, some of these economics issues. And the CFL is such a small business really, not like softwood lumber or water. It is a puny operation, a great operation to us and very important to our culture to many of us at least, but a very tiny monetary enterprise in true reality.

Not really sure anyone was "whining", Statik...I know I wasn't anyway. They have their football hall of fame, and we have ours. They call theirs the "Pro Football HOF" because it encompasses all US-based pro leagues. We call ours the "Canadian Football HOF" because it encompasses all Canadian leagues at every level. No problem here.