Opinions: should the Cats make changes?

Forum opinions:
Should the TiCats make any changes (whether substantial or nominal) due to their inconsistent .500 play or stick with the status quo and hope for the best?
And what changes, if any, do you believe need to be implemented in order to make this club a serious contender?

They better or we are done :roll:

Head Coaches has to go

Matybe Obie too

U love us to bring in Wally But I think end up in Toronto

They are always making nominal changes, and will continue to do so IMO.

true, but is it working? Is an overhaul needed in certain departments?

IMO yes they should... if Bob is suppling a proper budget. If he's not, well maybe that's the problem

If they have the money then OBIE and MARCEL first, maybe the coordinators next, and a couple of DB's, a middle LB who can HIT and get rid of Baggs. Nice DE's are for flag football. We need some attitude.

After what I saw last night, I think Thomas should be released and Glenn might be better coming off the bench with Porter starting. Also, we have gone from one of the least penalized teams to one of the most over the last few games. Players need to be benched for undisciplined play at least for the remainder of that series. A clear message needs to be sent that the coaching staff is in control.
When it comes to play calling, the Winnipeg defence were lined up in a tight box that we kept trying to run through. Why was there no attempt to spread the defence to help provide some running lanes? That's what they were doing to us all night and it worked. It looked like there were just as many off tackle and end runs as there were runs up the middle.
Our running game was so predictable, the defence could have called the plays

If you're going to get rid of the head coach, then you'll have to go over Scott Mitchell's head because he has already stated publicly his support for Marcel.

I'm afraid, good or bad, we are stuck with this team for the remainder of the season. And based on last night's performance and their .500 record, that the end of this season may come sooner rather than later.

I have no idea what to do with this schizophrenic team. What a roller coast ride it is to follow them.

PLEASE, PLEASE, make changes.

It not Baggs there not using him right ..
In this system he like an extra LB

Easy to say, but what changes do you make?

I think everyone is pretty much at a loss on what the solution is.

At this point i think you've got to let the season play out, see the end result, and then, and only then can you really assess the season.

The way this CFL season has gone, almost anything is possible. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Hamilton beat Winnipeg in a playoff game at Canad Inns stadium.

Hi Captain:

While watching the Milton / Edwards post game video, Steve Milton was literally scratching head on the question of what is wrong with this team and how to correct it. I find him a pretty astute observer, and he couldn't come up with suggestions.

I truly wish I could share your optimism regarding the post season. But this team has proven in the past that they are incapable of stepping up when it matters the most. Take last night's fiasco, for example or their last two semi finals.

Oh, I'm not optimistic about the post season, but nor am I pessimistic about it. I think a win is possible, but wouldn't say likely.

But this team has proven in the past that they are incapable of stepping up when it matters the most. Take last night's fiasco, for example or their last two semi finals.
Yup, but I figure at some point that's got to change. When that will be, I have absolutely no idea.

Think of last year. We dominated the Argos in the regular season and swept them. In the Eastern semi they came here and beat us. Our best game against the Bombers came at Canad Inns. I could see us going into their home in the playoffs and beating them.

Head Coach. .500

DC...not getting it done with the talent on the roster.

That's it for now.

Hmmmm...great observation.

Consider the stats for the game in Winnipeg.

Hamilton 422 yards
Winnipeg 371 yards

Name Att Com Yds TD Int
GLENN, K 34 22 351 2 1
PIERCE, B 34 19 293 2 0

Name....... No Yds TD
COBOURNE 15 60 0
PORTER, Q 4 5 1
THIGPEN, M 1 6 0

REID, F 12 54 0
PIERCE, B 3 18 0
BRINK, A 1 1 0

Porter needs to start the next game. 6/9 for 2 td's. And why is it we wait until it is to last to pull glenn. Right from the start he was having problems, he should have been pulled at 1/2 time.

Porter's numbers were in a situation when the game was well in hand and I'm not sure he'd have fared any better than Glenn given the start.

His long drive played right into the Winnipeg's plan I believe as he used up most of the 4th quarter just getting down the field. The D gave him all the underneath short stuff thereby killing the clock.

What drove me nuts is how slow he was huddling the team up, getting the play called and getting the snap off. He was using tons of time just for one play. No hurry up, and no urgency as the clock ticked away. Blame goes to the coaches too. The Ti-Cats had the ball with over 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter after scoring there first TD. By the time they scored their second there was barely over 2 minutes left.

Winnipeg must have been grinning, rubbing their hands the whole time.

He was Warming up 2nd Qrt why was Porter not put in