Opinions on Steven Holness

Any opinions on the kid ? Anyone remember his play ?

he never really got much game action, but in his first Training camp game he had an interception, and he is VERY fast and athletic, pretty good in coverage... he could be a good safety in a few years

from what i can remember anyway....

Personnally i was disapointed when i heard he wasn't going to be offered a contract from the old regime, and relieved/happy to hear the new regime offered him a contract and want him back

Does anyone have any idea what type of injury he had that kept him on the 9 game IR for the entire season?

i remember the pre-season game where had had the int, i beleive a guy by the named of willie byrd also got an interception that game. im not sure what injury kept him out last year but if i had to guess, i would suggest a leg or hamstring injury of sorts since he is quite the speed demon, i beleive he trains with one of our canadian olympic medalists in running. donovan bailey or bruny suren maybe. i cant remember. imo, he's canadian and fast and plays db. 3 things that are good about this kid. imo, if he resigns with us, woohoo. if not, woohoo.

Quite raw, he was way down the depth chart from what I recall, guys like Carter and Stewart were ahead of him.

Million dollar question... Why do you ask, HfxTC?

Montreal made him an offer, so I was wondering if he had shown anything. Thanks for the replies.

carter?stewart? ..... ummm WHO?

if u mean thaine carter, well, thaine was drafted last year... holness never played this season at all, NO CAMP, no nothing, and stewart if u mean brandon stewart is actually gonna be a pretty good db in this league, possibly at hefneys spot this season.