Opinions of who is better

I would like to know who all of you think is better

Toronto or Hamilton


Edmonton or Saskatchewan?

in general, if we are thanking about CFL teams here...

Hamilton (but Toronto has the edge over them right now, I HATE HAMILTON'S NEW LOGO!!!)

Saskatchewan (no doubt)

Hamilton and Saskatchewan Hands down. I dont really think either team is close right now (to the teams they are being compared to).

Hamilton could be better, that remains to be seen. As for Sask/Edm, Edmonton are the defending champs, so until Sask beats them in a playoff game, the Eskimos are the better team, and they will be strong(again) this year as well

Id have to say that on paper Hamilton and Saskatchewan but paper means very little.

Hamilton has a proven QB the best running back in the CFL and a great weapon in Holmes but on defence they have a few big question marks.

The Riders before the big draft moves were very underated based on last years record. The team was .500 and had a lot of key players out of the line up with injuries. They addressed there weaknesses and should be that much stronger this season.

Toronto and Edmonton are the better team until someone proves otherwise.

On paper i like the moves Hamilton has done, and Sask looks good too, but the game is played on the field not on a piece of paper.

Toronto and Edmonton!
When the 2006 season is over, we can talk!

Impossible to get an unbiased response here. With all the Rider fanboys here you could ask "who's better, the Riders or God?", and it would come up Riders.

Im a rider fan and I didnt pick them as the better team

hamilton doesnt have the best back in the CFL.

Well Sambo I guess your an extra special rider fan.

It takes 24 guys to have the best team

i dont understand why most ppl are saying sask. and hamilton are better then toronto and edminton. like honestly. they look good on paper, just like the bombers, however edminton and toronto look just as good on paper, plus they have played together and gone far. i think its silly to do that right now, just like i think its silly ppl declare wpg, hamilton and sask. will win the cup. heck i think its silly if ppl say montreal, toronto, edminton, calgary, or BC will win the cup to, and they did awsome last year.

but then what would we talk about??

That is exactly why I said After the 2006 season we can talk!

ha ha yeah, i know. but dont u agree?

Agree with you? Yes! You will never see me make predictions

"just like the bombers" Sorry James, i completely disagree with that. I think, that "on paper" The riders and ticats are way better than the bombers...

Hamilton and Edmonton. Saskatchewan is a joke and all of you rider priders out there are going to discover this very quickly in the season. Don't get your hopes up.

toronto and edmon, just like esks123 said about the riders, it also applys to the ticats. east and west divisions meet your basement dwellers