Opinions: Greatest CFL Coach in History?

Who do you believe to be the greatest coach in CFL history?

:twisted: Greg Marshall.... :wink:

My old man always said Sazio was the best, and he saw them all.

yes, I was thinking of adding Marshall, Andrus and Barker to the list but I wanted those listed to have a chance. :wink:

Frank "Professor" Clair - Ottawa Rough Riders

how about a few votes for eagle keys

Contemplated listing Eagle as he had an impressive and consistent record although only one Grey Cup ring as head coach.
But how can you argue with a HOF'er? :thup:

ah, Don Matthews.. 10 Grey Cups as a coach. hard to argue that one.

he is the master of winning.

Hugh Campbell. 8 Grey Cups, 1 as a player, 2 as a GM and a record 5 in a row as a coach. Nobody else has won more than 3 in a row. Now that's success.

well he did win coach of the year

So did Jim Barker.

I gotta go with Matthews. There was something about him. He always had this smug that he somehow knew something no one else did. He's the type of coach that players would walk through walls for and was a win at all costs type guy. Hard to ask for more from a coach

Screw the Don.
That guy had a buffet of Ham and Fluties.
Sazio numbers are awesome.

Overall: 60-24-1 (.712)
Regular Season: 49-20-1 (.707)
Playoffs: 11-4 (.733)
1 Grey Cup defeat (1964)
3 Grey Cups (1963, 1965, 1967)

Pop Ivy. Not many on here would remember him but he did a lot to change the CFL to a more wide open, pass friendly game. He did not have a long career but he led the Eskimos to the Grey Cup in three of his four years before going to the NFL.

This is one of those questions that has no right or wrong answers, however you left off many notable coaches that had far better records than some that you listed.

The name Bob O`Billovich is the biggest glaring mistake I would have to call you on for leaving off.

Bart Andruss(sp) I think is clearly the best ever IMHO followed by fat piano legs Barker :cowboy:

well, i'm a big boy. I can take it. :wink:

Bob O was a very good HC although won only one Grey Cup as HC and had a career W/L record of just under .500

And I'd like to add him to the list as there are many OB supporters out there, although the board time limits will not permit this. :?

I was going to dress up as Bart Andrus for Halloween. Figured it would make for the best costume of someone impersonating a football coach. :lol:

Hey Bob came on the scene in 1982 and took the Argos all the way to the Grey Cup. Yes we lost but it was a great season, lost to the Esks under Warren Moon. Right back in the Grey Cup in 83, this time won, first Argo Victory in over 30 years. 1987 Argos would have easily won the Grey Cup had it not been for Gilbert Renfroe`s knee going out in the 2nd half.

BTW I was not attacking you, just my dry sense of humor, sometimes a little to dry for my own good. :slight_smile:


Totally agree. Innovator, and one heck of a football coach. Is not nearly well-known enough