Opinion | When the Ticats’ QB is suddenly playing for your flag football team

From April 2022 but worth sharing , doesn't surprise me at all that Dane did this having witnessed how great he is with kids . More proof that players and individual teams care about growing the game to younger generation . Its just the league itself that doesn't seem to care about properly promoting players and the game.


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We have a real special person in Dane! :tiger: :football:


That would've been the greatest football moment of my young life! What a memory he's leaving these kids with!

Well done Dane!!!


My grandson was there and I’ve got a picture of him with Dane and Kay. Kids were thrilled. Parents don’t like pictures of their kids out there so I can’t post it.


My parents wouldn't have been able to post pictures of us either when we were kids... back in the 1960's. :grin:


Centuries ago, when I was about 10 or 12 years old, Me and a friend went and knocked on Garney Henleys door who lived in my neighbourhood a couple of streets over.
Mrs. Garney answered the door and I asked if Mr Henley was home.
She said yes he was and invited us in. She was so nice!
We waited in a foyer that was filled with trophies and medals and ribbons.
and then Garney walked in, I was shocked at how slight he was,
He was not a big man
he chatted with us, I said you have so many trophies,
He said lots from football but most were from track and field
We talked for a bit longer and then left.
I will never ever forget, and a huge reason I am still a huge fan of the CFL


Through many years, I've never forgotten a similar experience when I was a kid, in the mid 50's. Our neighbourhood was full of early baby boomers and, one day, we all played in a pick-up game, on the neighbourhood school yard, with teams captained by two well-known Tiger-Cats of the day, half-back (RB) Hal Waggoner and punter Cam Fraser, who both happened to also hold jobs, outside of football, where they each worked with one of our fathers. Those two dads got together to arrange the dream day, with real life heroes, for we young Tiger-Cats fans.


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