Opinion: Trevor Harris the best fit to quarterback the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2023

Opinion: Trevor Harris the best fit to quarterback the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2023

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seeing Harris’ name and the words “franchise quarterback” in the same sentence is amusing.

I am beginning to think the 3 down nation writers smoke a lot of electric lettuce before writing articles........

What QB would want to go to the Riders to work with ummm....whathisname the OC, you know, the guy who took the job because it was a step up the ladder and no one else wanted the job........


Quiet as a mouse out there. Almost scary.

Not sure how many of the QB's in play have Dan Verlieb as an agent but I think it is an advantage over Cody Fajardo negotiating his own deal. Pretty sure Bo Levi is a Verlieb client. Not sure about Trevor Harris.

There is quiet and there is do nothing quiet also. O'Day needs to lead rather than follow.

Not sure Trevor Harris would be that far ahead of what Fajardo would offer - unless you want to make a change for the sake of change.


O'Day is a dead man walking at this point. Signing in Regina may be a short term deal for any players he signs.
That plus they have 27 unsigned free agents 3 weeks out from free agency plus Sankey's recent comments say all is indeed not well in Regina.....

It's been a tough off season for Rider Nation.

There is some hope with the coaching staff as a no name group that might work well together. Both Jeffries and Bolduc bring new energy.

The fact that O'Day is still there is proof of a "do nothing" group in charge. We'll see if hoping for the best works this year. With the number of unsigned players they are going to have to be busy in FA which is scary in itself.

That said FA has yet to happen so maybe there is a plan.

Reynolds’s , O’Day , Dickinson have taken this team to it’s lowest point in 15 years

People not renewing season tickets
Fans staying at home
Boring football
Over 25 free agents unsigned - speaks volumes of attitude toward management
Saskatchewan media have little to say about the happenings of the team - Deadsville !