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I would like to see a change in the import rule to allow players to earn non-import status by staying in the league for a number of years. Increase the number on non-imports required on the team, but allow some of those to be "naturalized" non-imports.

I couldn't agree more with you, I believe if a player stays in the league for 5 years, doesnt leave for the NFL or anything of that nature, they should become a non-import
however on the flip side, you'd have to up or number of N/I on a squad and maybe lets say youd have to start 10 or 11 N/I, I dont think this would be that hard for the league, and it would definetly reward players for sticking around in Canada

I voted status quo.

If I had my druthers I would:

  • Reduce the size of the 46 man roster to 39
  • Reduce the size of the 42 man game- day roster to 36
  • Set the number of Canadians on the roster at 20 for the 39 man roster, and at 18 for the 36 man game- day roster, so that at least half of either version of the roster would be Canadians
  • Eliminate the distinctive category for quarterbacks, integrating them into the overall roster and allowing the teams to decide how many to have and of whatever nationality.

My purposes here are to:

  • Increase the proportion of Canadians on a team
  • Increase opportunities for Canadian quarterbacks, or at least eliminate any disincentive to using them
  • Restore the prospect of seeing occasional two-way play
  • Reduce overall cost for teams in a league that perennially struggles for financial viability.

I've heard this idea before and something like this may have been in place in the CFL in the distant past and then was dropped. To me this is nothing more than "pretending" that an import is actually a non-import in order to open the way to include another highly-valued import player on the roster.

I love the idea of a naturalized non-import because it encourages players to be a part of the community the way it worked before. Not only did you have to play 5 years it had to be with the same team. That encouraged continuity and many of the players actually moved to Canada permanently as a result knowing that their value in a trade was greatly diminished and in all likelihood they'd be with the same team their entire career. Ron Lancaster and Ang Mosca are prime examples of players that are more Canadian than some of us born here as a result of the rule. In fact when they dropped the naturalized non import they also dropped the Canadian ratio. The bottom line tho is that without the ratio CIS football dies and the end result is that high school football slowly dies and eventually there would be zero Canadians in the CFL if it even still existed

Note that I also said that the number of non-imports would need to be increased at the same time, and that a few of these could be filled by the naturalized non-imports. Basically, this would not decrease the number of true non-imports, but would require a few others to be long-time CFL imports.

A further addition to this is that an import could earn the naturalized status more quickly by staying with one team. Say, four consecutive years with one team vs. six in the league. This might encourage players to stay with the same team for longer - better for fans, I think.

I think it's a decent idea to allow an import that lives here year round to become a NI after say 3-5 years. Immigrants can become a citizen in 2-3 years.

Something like that would also provide more incentive for playing here longer as other have hinted at.

I'm not sure that this is true. Football was popular at Queen's, but the CFL was not. The stands were usually packed for the important games, like homecoming and playoffs. On the other hand, I could count on two hands the number of people wearing CFL apparel I saw on any Queen's students during my 6 years there. So I doubt the existence of the CFL would've affected the popularity of football on campus much. (Nor do I feel that the popularity of CIS football contributes much to the popularity of the CFL, but that's a different matter).

Also, despite the fact that there is no professional Canadian basketball or hockey leagues, they still have CIS programs for those sports. Very few people in Canada care about field hockey, never mind professional field hockey, but they still manage to include that in the CIS (as a woman's program only, though). The non-existence of Canadian pro-leagues doesn't seem to matter for those other sports, so I don't think it would have a major effect on their football programs if the CFL stopped hiring Canadians (I doubt they would stop anyway, even if the import rules were scrapped).

akt: Have to say it. Excellent post. :thup:

Sure they have basketball and hockey but seriously, what calibre of athlete does it attract? What types of crowds do CIS sports attract in general? There are exceptions but for the most part the crowds are very sparse and other than football most of the better players leave for US college rather than play in Canada. Eliminate the opportunities to continue playing beyond university and what you end up with is not high quality sport

And you would keep the number of imports on the team as currently set, no? If so, aren't you increasing overall roster size by, say, two more players with the increased salary obligations that come with it?
If you want to increase the number of non-imports on a team, just increase it. Why arbitrarily redesignate an import to a non-import... unless you're trying to invent a method to include more highly-skilled import players on the team while, at the same time, not reducing the number of "real" non-imports?

Ahhhh, so why not have them become Canadian citizens by that time?

Mosca became Canadian, didn't he?

The next post refers to 5 years, same as getting Canadian citizenship.


Actually, no, I don't see increasing the total roster size. I'm saying increase the number of non-imports required by five or so, but allowing those additional five to be naturalized non-imports. The number of years to earn naturalized status should be high enough to actually make a difference, perhaps seven years. Currently, only two players would meet that criteria, so the other spots would need to be filled by true non-imports. But there would be a shorter period for players who stay with the same team, which would encourage teams to hang onto players longer. As I said, I think this would be better for fans, as they could actually get attached to players without having to worry that come free-agency time, they'll bolt to another team.

I’m glad you see the point of continuity. BTW its 21-0 AGAINST eliminating the ratio. Apparently I was wrong, it doesn’t matter to people :roll:

It's been a long off-season and here's what we've learned so far:

  • dr.mopar doesn't like Porter
  • seymour doesn't like the CFL's Canadian content rules
  • onknight doesn't like new coaches
  • Capt. Kirk would quit being a fan if the stadium was built in Aldershot
  • zenstate doesn't like hockey or Americans
  • Ockham has a weakness for U.S. Southern, Irish, and Quebec accents from shoulder length female blondes
  • Oskie Wee Wee is getting married
  • Pat Lynch thinks he's old (I don't)
  • OL Jusling's father probably ended his career
  • Drew is a great football reporter and lousy restaurant critic

More precisely, I would quit being a fan if the Hamilton Tiger-Cats left Hamilton. :frowning:

Looks like seymour or mikem has voted.

And you forgot

  • MadJack doesn't like grammar errors

My modest proposal would be that any import player who becomes a Canadian citizen while playing in the League should have their designation changed to NI. Players just looking to accumulate some game film for the road back to the NFL aren't going to abuse this by applying for citizenship, but it'd reward those who decide to make a sports career and life in Canada.

But why don't you want to see the best players on the field?

Why do you want to see Canadian Offensive Linemen?

I think Canadians should be allowed to compete one on one. This makes the CFL like the AHL in hockey