opinion on thenew jerseys of most of the teams

To each their own. Yuck.

I disagree!

Old schoool is good! if you look and the NFL (bad example but…), their unifroms aren’t “hip” and are very old school.

I totally agree, I hope that Reebox heard that!

I’m coming around to accepting them (I had a real eye opener the other day, see “Blue Bomber Jerseys, a Revelation”) but call me old school, but I just love the old Winnipeg and Calgary jerseys better than the new ones. All the other teams have improved! :smiley:

Thanks for that, 3nd! :wink:


I like the “ole” chant! It’s not orginal but it’s cool and works! :smiley:

And I love the Al’s jerseys, they look just like the flag of France, alsome! :wink:

I agree that certain teams have an old school looking uniform, that looks very good. the Eskimos jersey retains its old school looks, but at the same time stays sharp. BC went back to an old school look, and it looks good. Teams in the NFL like the bears and the steelers keep their vintage jerseys and it works. But I’m not talking vintage, I’m talking about ugly uniforms from 5 years ago that were never changed. Go look at the jerseys on the CFL shop from 2 years ago and tell me they are nicer.

Montreal - no change but looks sharper.

Edmonton - small changes but looks very nice.

Ottawa - alot sharper! very nice.

Saskatchewan - the black is a little out of place with the green but not bad.

Toronto - love em!

Hamilton - very nice.

Winnipeg - love the home and away much brighter and sharper.

Calgary - the black is kinda weird on the home jersey but still looks good all around.

B.C. - the best! the orange and white are fantastic together and the white helmets are very sharp.