opinion on thenew jerseys of most of the teams


i just wanted to comment on the new jerseys....after looking at them on the cflshop site. it looks like every team as the same model ...they all look alike...i much prefer vintage jerseys especially the bc home jersey....why such a big change...... :?

one word: Reebox

I like all the new jerseys except Calgary's away jersey and Winnipeg home jersey cuz it (and it's away, but original counter part) makes Winnipeg look like a Rams fram team (though I have just recently accepted it).

I love Toronto's and Hamliton's new look. Saskatchewan's new jerseys are also the best in the West.

But I do miss last season's Winnipeg's jerseys. I have the home one and I'll get the away one soon.

The only one I dont like is Calgary.
The put this white stripe along the shoulders and under the chin. It looks like they are wearing a bib

now calgary. i realy liked the jerseys they wore on the 50th anniversary game agains the als. it was white with red stripes and gold pants. that was a nice uniform.

There are a couple stripes which I don't love but all in all I think they for the most part look sharp.

I think they make the players look more professional then before. In the past some looked a but chump.

I really like the Riders home... Looks like the college stripes of the old school days.

The Gades away whites look really good.

The Als looks same. Their colors as a whole I like the least...

Love the Lions away and their white helmets is awesome - very old school.

The New Jersey's look awesome all around.

I like the new jerseys with the exception of Calgary's home jersey.

Really? You guys all like Saskatchewan's? I dont like that black stripe at all. I don't know why the Riders keep trying to push black into their colour scheme, I don't think it matches at all. I didn't like Calgary's at first, but after seeing them live when they played here in BC(they wore their home ones), I really liked them. They look great with the entire uniform. It looks alot like the Falcons actually.

I think the Lions have the worst of the new jerseys. I agree in that the white helmets are cool. But the jersey itself is too boring, there's nothing to it at all. I am refering to the white ones here, because they haven't even worn their orange ones in a game so far.

I think Hamilton's look the best with the changes to it. I like that yellow stripe going down the side. Winnipeg's are really cool too, but I do agree that they look very Ram-ish. Their away ones are awesome too, they look like Notre Dame.

All in all, I like the new jerseys. But I agree that most of them aren't very original. They seemed to come up with two designs, and just gave three teams each design. Then Montreal and Edmonton didnt do a thing to their jerseys(save for a little yellow stripe on Edmonton's). This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as Montreal may have the nicest jerseys in professional football. I give the new jerseys a B- overall. It would've been higher if they would've just came up with more ideas, and not given different teams the exact same design.

I was kinda dissapointed with BC's new orange I guess it's just the black im a fan but of but yeah the new white helmets were good.

They all look wicked. If you look at the jersey's from last year, you will see how outdated they look compared to the new ones.

:| Now that i've seen all of the new unis I can make more informed comments;

Montreal- new pants look better
Toronto - look like they have have a leather and latex fantasy thing happening
Hamiton - I'm neutral - losing the old-golfer type yellow pants is offset by a confused design
Ottawa - Definite improvement but needs to add stripes to the legs for colour balance
BC - Like em though the names need to be black and the logos and numbers reversed position on the sleeves and shoulders
Calgary - Boooooooooooo
Saskatchewan - I'm nuetral on these , but the pants look dumb.
Winnipeg - gay

I was the biggest critic when the jersey’s were first shown. However, from the highlits and games I’ve seen so far, I have to admit that they are okay. Calgary’s away jersey will take a little time to get used to but It’s livable.

One of the posters quoted ( Sorrry, I can’t remember who…And too lazy to look back.) “Wait till the jersey’s are on the players, then we’ll really see what they look like.” How true! That will teach me to “jump” the gun

[2uote="bigcanadiano"]The New Jersey's look awesome all around.
I DID NOT KNOW WE HAD A NEW TEAM IN THE CFL'' The New Jersey's Boyes..... Brooklyn >What color are thier player uniformS???????

I finally got around to checking out the home and away jerseys for all the teams. In general, they're all ok but I really like Winnipeg and Edmonton's home jerseys and Hamilton's away jersey.

Tell that to Kanga-Kucha. He must be the most disappointed guy on the board. He loves the Bombers so much but hates the new jerseys with a passion.

I think they're all okay when you look at them individually. But I dislike the fact that four of them use the same design.

The repetitive design elements in ottawa, toronto, winnipeg and saskatchewan kind of bothers me. They still manage to keep them distinct But the old jerseys all shared common design themes too, which people overlook.

Quite bluntly they're all crap. Only in the CFL would a league let a supplier redesign uniforms for the whole league all at one time! Uniforms are the perogotive of individual teams, not some foriegn company whose designer has probably never seen a CFL game, and knows nothing about the CFL or it's teams or their history. The CFL is so anxious for sponsorship money that they're willing to kiss butt and sell their soles at the drop of a hat... and speaking of hats, ever notice how bush the players look after winning the Grey Cup, running around with baseball caps with the manufacturers name tags hanging down?? You don't see that in the NFL, or the NHL, NBA or any other league!

And the comment that they look like the NFL is correct, it was my immediate reaction. The CFL has such an insecurity complex that it's willing to look like cheap copies of NFL teams instead of standing tall and being who and what they are, the best football game in town. CFL... have some pride, and some balls... ditch these uni's next year, ditch the tags on the ball caps, and stop trying to pretend we're NFL north, the more like them we become, the more you ensure our demise.

Bring back the old uniforms. Last year's Bomber uniform was the best in decades, now we look like the Vikings!?!?

The only jerseys that suck are, and always have been, the Als. Too much like a quasi-coloured Euro looking soccer (ralph!!) jersey. They are the Vancouver Canucks of professional football.
Get out of the Louis XVI th era. The only thing missing are those silly white wigs.

Go Rens Go!!

--Really?? I love the Als jerseys! I seriously think they could be the nicest in all of pro football. Now if you wanna talk European-try hard things which are annoying that relate to the Als, let's talk about the fans chant. That "ole, ole ole ole" chant is AWFUL! Where are we, at a soccer field in Europe somewhere(or South America)?? I can't believe fans in Vancouver do that at Canucks games either, that's just embarassing.