Opinion estimates for 2013

Note I avoid the word "prediction" as that insinuates some special power to read the future.
In the East, I believe we are the verge of a shifting in power. Although it has been many years in coming, Montreal will not be the #1 team next year. sooner or later AC has got to show his age.Tressman is human as well and can't always be right.
I believe either Hamilton or Winnipeg are going to figure out what is bothering them and step up a notch.(right now I am more hopeful for Hamilton than Winnipeg) Do not look for any crossover from the West in 2013.
In the West, B.C. still dominates but I think we are going to see a very close west division. Although, I think Calgary wins the Grey Cup this year, I do not believe they have what it takes to sustain it. They likely will finish in 3rd next year or possibly even 4th. The Riders will improve but I believe so will Edmonton. Edmonton, I rank with Winnipeg. There is too much uncertainty in their management to be sure of anything. Good players(specially Defence), no strong definitive QBs, and poor leadership at the top.But both of these proud organizations will eventually find their way.
One thing absolutely for sure: The 13th man is behind the Saskatchewan Rough Rider in 2013!!

Lots to speculate alot.

BC is old team. I think you will see some challenging decsions from Wally. But Wally has done this before and Wally will move out some veterans and many people will shapke their head. Arland Bruce will be released. There will be a few DB's let go. Some of the older and MCP stature guys will be gone. But their QB is young and that keeps BC in the mix.

Esks - who knows. They need a GM. Will a new GM clean out Kavis and Co.? Unless new GM has other ideas, 25 yr old Nicholls will QB the team. Jyles and Kerry are both done. Esks will be in the hunt for Hugh Reilly. But Tllman has assembled a young core group. The team is there...............they need a QB.

Stamps - There D is not very good, especially LB's and DB's. Average at best. But they have young QB at helm. An O-line that seems to be turning into a monster unit and young at that.

Hamilton - They have next year.........maybe 2014 to get it done? Henry is 38 and time is ticking. Bad defense. They are trying to buy a cup and in the process are growing old. I don;t hold out much hope for the Cats.

TO - Gaining momentum. Ricky Ray can play for a few more. His O-line is getting better and keeps him upright. They need a ground game. Defense is pretty good. I think they can challenge Montreal for top spot because W'peg and Hamilton continue to dissapoint.

Bombers - Rumour Duane Ford hired as asst GM? He'd take over for Mack in 1-2 years? No QB? Lots of free agents that start on defense?

Montreal - Old O-line. They need to start changing this over a little. But they remain strong. Well coached. But we started to see their dominance slip and this will continue as AC's play de-celerates. I predict AC retires this season.

Riders - Still need dominant D-lineman. I'm 50/50 on Hawkins. T-George just isn;t quick enough as DE. We need another fast DE to cause havok. DB's have a critical 1st year under their belts. Butler just has to start next year..........he makes plays. Where that leaves Patrick at the age of 30 don;t know.

On offense we need a CDN receiver to take some pressure off Getz. Hope Sisco can return and keep it going. He played well but he has not had enought consistent playing time.

O-line. Look for a trade of one MVP O-lineman. We have too many high priced O-lineman and they under-performed. Two sacks in the 1st 10 minutes yesterday? Labatte looked bad but not sure if it was his fault of someone else.

We have a young enough pivot at 30. Sheets is groovin. Bring back Jock Sanders. Yesterday we started to see greg Carr play big. Taj Smith I am sure saw Greg Carr did he waht he did.

Dallas Baker, Sinrice Moss, we've got alot of receivers stashed on injured reserve. We just signed that guy from the Steelers? 3-4 receivers on our roster won;t be back for TC? Just not sure who won't be back.

Hate to summarize...........west will be a hot battle next year. Every team has a good QB (except the Esks who will go after Hugh Reilly). Whoever wins the west wins the Grey Cup. 2012 grey cup is this sunday in BC. BC to win and they will take the CUP. The east just doesn;t have the horsepower.

Good posts but I disagree on two fronts.

  1. O-line. Yes young. But not a strength of this team? Heenan will be a starter next year so who gets traded? Labatte, Best, Picard or Neufeld? We can't afford to keep them all? Might we try a CDN at left tackle...........doubt it because Xavier was so good.

I could see Picard gone and have Best or Heenan at centre. Or Alex Krausnick Grhe step in? He's been our healthy 6th or 7th all year. Just didn;t get to play. Picard is our oldest and he's likely $140 or $160 range. I don;t think we can keep all these guys.

  1. Special teams. Too many 3rd down gambles/fake punts got us this year. More recently a botched point after? Sorry but coach Dickenson grades a C and all of these little meltdowns need to stop. If not, we finsih 3rd again. Sorry, but these plays are special teams and they need to stop. Returns are good. Tackling and coverage is good. But but but..........the silly stuff needs to go are we remain an average team.

  2. Need to see our upcoming FA list and guys entering option year. Odell wants to try NFL and has publicly said so. Can't see us re-signing him until March-May. I think a few option year guys have re-signed. Bombers have many good young DB;s entering FA!

  3. 4th pick in draft. CDN D-lineman and receiver. Maybe running back?

LOL, what? Our O-line has a very nice mix of ages:

Flory: 36
Bourke: 30
Brodeur-Jourdain: 29
Perrett: 28
Woodruff: 27

Then we have Matte (27), Barrett (26), Bomben (25), and Ola (24) all waiting in the wings. Bomben is being groomed to take the right guard spot when Flory retires. Apart from Flory, no other starter is even close to retirement age.

Odell might want a shot down south, but I can't expect him to get it, based on his performance this year.

It just seems too soon to be thinking about 2013 already... ARG!

Spéculer pour 2013 avant même qu'on ne sache à quoi ressembleront les équipes l'an prochain demeure un tas d'hypothèses plutôt qu'un exercice sérieux. La vérité est qu'on ne sait pas qui sera là en juin prochain.

Cela dit, on parle de l'âge de Calvillo et du fait qu'il ralentit. Lorsqu'on regarde la saison qu'il vient d'avoir, on peut se demander en quoi il ralentit? Il a eu 8 parties consécutives de plus de 300 verges par la passe, une 7ième saison de 5 000 verges de gains aériens, il a même eu 2 touchés par la course dans une seule partie! Il a terminé la saison avec 31 passes de touché et un ratio respectable de 98,3%. Il a 40 ans mais demeure un des 2 meilleurs quarts du circuit, si vous estimez qu'il n'est pas le meilleur. La seule chose qui ferait que Calvillo prendrait sa retraite cette saison, c'est que les Alouettes gagnent la Coupe Grey. Et encore, si Jim Popp estime que son successeur n'est pas encore avec l'équipe, je crois que Calvillo reviendrait pour le bien de l'équipe.

Il n'est pas difficile de dire que les meilleures années de Calvillo sont derrière lui, mais elles le sont dans un passé plus récent que lointain.

La ligne offensive des Alouettes n'est pas âgée, comme l'a bien montré notre ami D&P. Elle le semble parce que Flory est là depuis aussi longtemps que Calvillo, mais pour les autres, il s'agit de jeunes vétérans et de jeunes tout court.

Voyant la saison qui vient de passer, les Alouettes se sont améliorés cette saison et je vois mal pourquoi cette équipe devrait régresser l'an prochain. Elle devrait s'améliorer encore, surtout en défensive et chez les entraîneurs, et probablement que d'autres équipes s'amélioreront également. On peut toutefois s'attendre à ce que les Alouettes demeurent parmi les bonnes équipes du circuit.