opinion: Cobourne should Start Against The Als

Whoa! Whoa!Whoa! Blogskee never said they started 8 NIP's on offense (he's smarter than that). He said they started 8 NIP's which they did. Dyakowski, Hage, O'Neill, Stala, Giguere, Charbonneau-Campeau, Bucknor and Hinds.

P.S. The depth chart is just that....a chart. Nothing written in stone about who is starting here or there.

As for Cobourne starting if Walker is injured, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Cortez decided to start the rookie runningback on the practice roster, Brandon Rutley, instead. Still think the team wants to cut Cobourne before his year's salary is guaranteed after Labour Day.

The depth chart indicates who the official starters are, and that together with the list of the four-man reserve lets us know who the three designated imports are. I actually didn’t notice that both Bucknor and Hinds were on the field together. So yes, we did start eight non-imports. So my reason for not being able to play two import RBs together without having to have one of the starting imports on offence come off is gone, as long as the second RB is the fourth “undesignated” import.

But with the injuries to some of our regular non-import ST players (Carter, Hood, Fournier) may have also played into the inability to have Cobourne dressed. Or it’s just that Cortez doesn’t want him. (Wonder if there is something in his contract giving him bonus money for every game he’s dressed. No idea, haven’t even heard rumourof this, but it might explain their reluctance to dress him.)

Official starters? Where do you get that idea? There is nothing "official" about the depth chart. The only purpose it serves is to show you the 46-man roster and the "probable" starters. As an example, last game's depth chart lists Bucknor as the starter at corner with Hinds as the back-up and Craig Ray is listed as the starting safety. When the defence took the field Hinds was starting at corner and Bucknor was the starting safety.

True, the official list of starters, or more precisely, the 42-man roster including the list of the three designated imports, is the one given to the officials at the beginning of the game. You are correct that the list of starters on the published depth chart is unofficial. As I said, the depth chart along with the four-man reserve tells us who the designated imports are, leaving the other 16 imports as “starters”, even though they may not be on the field for the first plays if the team decides to replace them with a non-import.

As I said before, I had forgotten that both Bucknor and Hinds were playing most of the game, and we were therefore playing an extra non-import (aka starting eight non-imports). Guilty as charged, I guess.

You've set me straight mightypope. I was completely wrong, not only once but twice, and apologize to Blogskee for saying he was wrong when, in fact, he was very observant. First, I really did not intend to include the word "offense." That was a slip-up, I guess, because I had just studied the offensive starters on replay. While many will doubt it, with the two mistakes on this issue, I too am smarter than that. However, I made the mistake of trusting the truth of the Depth Chart rather than go on and count heads on Defense. I won't do that again. I'm surprised at these Depth Chart discrepancies under Cortez' direction. It was an annoying deceptive tactic used regularly under the previous HC, but it doesn't really accomplish much other than creating troubles for the media, particularly the play-by-play guys. During the first few plays of a game, they always detail the starters on TV and radio as prepared in advance from the information supplied in the charts presented by the teams the day before the game. The purpose of Depth Charts is to assist the media but they're also, of course, of interest to opposing coaches and many fans.

Back to the original post subject, if Cobourne is not ready, he should not play. Only the coaches know this for sure.

That's a complete red herring. There's no way a 7-year veteran is "not ready" 8 games into the season. I get that he started a couple of weeks later and missed most of training camp, but any gap in his conditioning has long since disappeared.

There is a lot more to being game ready than conditioning, such as knowledge of the playbook/schemes, attitude, heart etc, etc... So not a "red-herring" after all. If he was ready and better than the alternatives, he would play. Perhaps it is attitude...

from the scratching post


Running back Chevon Walker missed practice on Sunday with a lower body injured and while veteran Avon Cobourne thinks he'll be the starter if Walker can't go Thursday in Montreal, he isn't taking anything for granted.

“I'm assuming that I'm playing but you know what happens when you assume,? Cobourne said. “You end up on the bench watching the game on TV.?

Cobourne rejoined the Ticats a week into training camp after the man signed to replace him, former B.C. Lion Martell Mallett, was lost for the season with an Achilles tear. The 33-year-old Cobourne had already established the beginnings a post-football life in Florida – he was selling insurance – but was lured back despite not having gone through his typical off-season workout regimen.

Still, as a veteran coming off a strong 2011 campaign, he expected to be the starting tailback when the season opened on June 29. Instead, he saw the job given to rookie Chevon Walker, whose blazing speed and big play ability has been on display through much of the first seven weeks.

“I didn't come up here to not play but it turned into my role and I took it on, 100 per cent,? Cobourne said.

But Walker was hurt last Thursday against the Bombers and may not be ready to face the Alouettes. In practice on Sunday, Cobourne split first team reps with rookie Brandon Rutley, who was signed two weeks ago.

Head coach George Cortez said Walker may be ready to play in Montreal and that the team hasn't made a final decision regarding his possible replacement.

“We're looking at both guys but more than likely it will be Avon. We'll see how the week goes,? Cortez said.

I'm really excited at the possibility of Avon starting and I hope he really gives it to his old team yet again and shows the coach that a bunch of decent 5 yard gains (edit: and great blocking!) is a lot better than the multiple two and occasional touchdown run outside the tackles. One of my biggest concerns since the beginning of the season is that the offence doesn't kill enough time off the clock, which could (somewhat) explain the defence's terrible numbers (but not the bad schemes, tackling, lack of pressure...). I don't know though, because I haven't really paid attention to our totals in ToP, only at the end of a quarter or half.

Cortez is a genius. He's probably planned this all along. Cobourne is 33 and his production did seem to decline in the 2nd half of the season last year. Now he comes in with fresh legs and when Walker comes back healthy they split touches in the backfield and our offense gets even better.


Thanks god! Look at the difference in the argos running game by playing Kackert this week. Kackert picked up a few runs of 8-15 yards - something boyd has not done all season.

I am convinced the cats' offensive game will improve immensely with avon starting this week in Montreal.